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Please, Please, Please....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. If you're going to go to the Riffle Memorial Tournament this Saturday, PLEASE if you can, pre-register at Long Lake Tackle. It's important for organizational things as well as door prize raffle stuff that you do. Tim at the baitshop has asked me also, that if you can't pre-register, you post HERE what lake you plan to fish, and if you're heading to to raffles and after-party at the baitshop. He's trying to get some sort of an estimate as to how many folks will be around.

    You really need to pre-register though. It'll make it much easier on Saturday if you do. Thanks guys....

  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    hey carl
    i was not going to fish but if you still needed help with the weigh in part let me know i posted in the other forum but did not hear anything from you let me know later man..........jim

  3. Jim, yes, I know we can still use the help. I'll let you know where later in the week. Thanks man.
  4. Just my luck.. AGAIN !!
    I can't make it to fish or help... My "X" was told by the court to get her stuff out of my house this sat or lose it...
    It'll be 3 years this coming Feb ans she still has not taken all her stuff out of my house...
    I've missed every event or outting off this forum this year except Tappan due to one excuse or another and I'm tired of it... Maybe my luck will change next year.
    Hope it all works out Carl... GOOD LUCK
  5. I will not be fishing it.
    If you need some more help just let me know when and where.
    I do plan to get in the raffles, want to stop in at tims shop this week, after work, one morning.
    Where is it at(Address)?
  6. I will be at the evening events, wife will probably be with me also.
  7. Thanks Owen. We have the scales taken care of. The bait shop address is 855(I think) Portage Lakes Drive. The address is in another one of teh several threads I started...sorry about that.

    I am either going to fish Nimisila or East, I still need to get going on my gas motor to see. I'll be fishing with my 6 yr old son Nick, and cfish102 as of right now. I will post needs on Thursday.

    Probably need you at North Res. Owen, for the weigh in from 2:30 or so til 3:30ish. The raffles and feed should be around 5pm at the baitshop. Bring a scale for back-up.