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  1. My name is Capt Jeff Kraynik & I grew up along The North Shore & spent my summers fishing for walleye & perch out of Vermillion & on the Islands.

    I've been a site member for about (3) three years but lost it after my computer crashed. I'd first like to apologize to those site members I recently offended with the fishing shots of the gals. They were extras from our GAFF mag fishing photo shoots & Dale has asked that I not post these types of pic's on this site. So please, don't ask for anymore of them pic's.

    Thanks for the heads up Dale!!!:good:

    I've been asked by a couple of you to re-introduce myself since I've been away do long, so here it is!!!

    I'm a guide in "Good Standing" with the Coastal Conservation Association (Florida) & an International Game Fish Association "Certified Captain." We specilize in personalized light-tackle saltwater flats fishing.
    waterfowl, dove & alligator hunts.



    I am a outdoor writer & currently on staff as a writer & photographer for GAFF magazine ( & Airboating magazine. We've had the privalege to appear on over (20) twenty television shows on The Outdoor Channel, ESPN, The Sportsmen Channel & local broadcast stations throughout the US.



    My fishing partner & I (Capt Ron Beliefeld) compete in several flats fishing circuits throughout the Spring & Summer months under the sponsored name "Riptide Sebastian." I'm a Pro-Staff Fisherman for Riptide Lures, Hurricane "Redbone" Rods, Yo-Zuri Lures, Albakore Tackle Systems, PowerPro Fishing line & Scout Flats Boats. I am also the chairman for the South Brevard DU "Band the Slam" inshore flats fishing tourney. We'll be having our 6th annual tourney during the first weekend of May.


    The summer months are spent bouncing back & forth from Sebastian Inlet to Islamorada @ our place in the Keys. Nothing like hooking a 100 pounder on
    (20) twenty pound test!!!


    I own & train American Water Spaniels & run them in numerous HRC/UKC hunt tests throughout the SE. I am a licensed HRC Started & Seasoned Judge.


    I currently sit on the state council for Ducks Unlimited & a member of Detla Waterfowl & United Waterfowlers of Florida. I am an adjunct instructor for FWC & instruct the states "Waterfowl Workshop."


    I'm a Pro-Staff Hunter for Featherflage Camo, Go-Devil Boats & Motors, Rehydrate Tablets, Dokken DFT, Tri-Tronics collars, Hi-Viz Sights, Dave's Airparts, Inc, BECO Bangsticks, Blackwater Decoys & Swamp Thing Mallard Calls.


    If anyone has any questions about "freelance" hunting or fishing here in the Sunshine State, please feel free to drop me a line.

    I'll do my best to send you in the right direction!!!


    Capt Jeff Kraynik
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    Nice Resume!! Is the guy in the third picture down with the alligators Bo Jackson, if not it sure looks like him? What kind of license do you need for alligator and what's the daily limit? Just curious, thanks for the intro!!

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    nice infomercial;)
    and btw,that was not dale who contacted you,but yours truly.and i definiely wasn't offended,but only explaining the mission and rules of the site as they related to one of the pics you posted,as well as rerqwuesting you not use the sitec as your personal pinup gallery.
    besides,sports illustrated offers a swimsuit edition with better models;)
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  4. Yeah, that guy definitely looks like Bo.
  5. Yea, that's Bo.

    He hunted with us while filming the new Wide World of Sports show a few years back.

    Took (2) two, (10) ten footers with a bow.:B

    He!!ava shot!!!

    The public alligator hunts are done on a lottery system & you hunt them from mid August to November.

    Anyone can put in for them.

    It's alot cheaper for out-of-staters to have someone that live here do it for them.

    $275.00 vs $1000.00
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    it's the old good cop/bad cop game:D;)
  7. Well the bad cop slapped me up side the head with a telephone book so it wouldn't leave any marks!!!!%
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  8. Bo knows gators.
  9. He's one He!! of a bird hunter also.

    In between running his pie company he also finds time to hunt.

    He owns a spread in Indiana or Ill & manages it for ducks & pheasant.

    He had pic's when he was down & invited us up for a duck hunt.

    Never had the time to take him up on it due to being booked during our own duck season.

    He's just an everyday guy who loves the outdoors.

    I gained alot of respect for him after spending the night on the airboat with him.

    Very passionete about the outdoors!!!
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    Too bad I didnt know about you 2 years ago. I got Married and had our Honeymoon in Key West. We loved it down there and hope to make a trip back in the next couple years. Can't think of the name of the place but we did some really neat things in Key West... Snuba Diving (like Scuba Diving but the air tank stays on the surface) and you dont have to take all the classes.