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Please Help!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by scrawfrd02, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. scrawfrd02

    scrawfrd02 LMR poison ivy master

    My local lake is being drained and i have been fishing there for twenty years... the bass in the lake are not smaller than 3lbs and lately ive been catching 5 and 6lbers regularly. they drained one side of the lake and left water for the fish on the other side.... this time they drained the other side and i think forgot to shut off the drain after the rain... now hundreds of 7lb bass and carp and crappie are stuck in the pools and puddles and suffocating. There has to be a game warden or ohio board i can call to stop this.... its heartbreaking. this is some of the best fishing in all of ohio, fish have been growing for all those years... if ne1 knows how to stop this please let me know. thanks
  2. Landen Lake....:(

  3. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    contact the odnr ,it may be protected under the wetlands policy?
  4. the fish have been dying at landen lake since they drained it that was the decision of the home owners board i work for the co they hired to clean the silt out i told them everything would die when we started
  5. its been a bad idea since they started it, the only thing you could do would be too pick up fish and move them to the larger areas but it is probably futile, because the lake is private i doubt the dnr can do anything about it. as good a fishing lake as landen is the people who run it have done a deplorable job with soil managment and dealing with it. you could try and talk with the people who run the lake but it will probably be too late, its really a shame i loved fishing that lake.
  6. Hey Scrawford if you want to move some fish let me know. 2 of my aunts have ponds/lakes for them to be put into. One in Milford and one in Mason. And the good thing is you could fish both!!!!
  7. This is from the Ohio Administrative Code:

    It is unlawful to transport and introduce any aquatic species (fish, invertebrate, plant) from one body of water to another.

    Just to let you know...:) The best thing they could do is take them over to the lake at the park and put them in there, that would sure make some little kids day fishing for bluegills...:B
  8. amazing189

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    I've lived in Landen for 8 years & agree they've done a pretty bad job of managing the lake. I can also say that I don't believe they communicated very well to the homeowners the impact on the fish. I just moved & stayed in Landen, partly for the lake..and the school district. I've been really bummed. Honestly, my son & I have had a tough time finding fising water near as good. I guess we were spoiled. I think we've done more hiking this year, looking for new spots than On the bright side we've found a few decent new places...but most of them are pretty comon to everyone else. I hope we're here to see it get fixed right.