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please help me with cowan saugeye?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sleprock, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Sleprock

    Sleprock fishing cabrewer

    how come i never catch any, got spots for crappie why don't i ever catch them saugeye?
  2. Rob

    Rob Crappietracker


    I'd try slow trolling a minnow along the bottom during a low light period. Preferably a good size minnow, this time of year, I'd be down by the dam. This is where I'd start. Good luck

  3. I will offer what little help I can. I too spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out Cowan Lake Saugeyes as I love Saugeye fishing and like the lack of jet skis and motor boats at Cowan. I have been down there at least 2 dozen times over the past two seasons trying to figure them out. I am coming to the realization that Cowan will probably never be like Indian, Brookville or CJ when it comes to Walleye/Saugeye fishing.

    There are only two spots I have found that I have been able to consistently catch some saugeye in this lake. One is a sandbar that extends off the campground point and the other is the small point east of the Marina and boat ramp. While I consistently caught some in these spots, It was never more than a couple. The hump areas in the middle of the lake have yielded a few fish but not consistently. Trolling, I have caught fish Near the cabin shoreline, around the island and the flat in front of the marina. The humps occasionally give up a fish by trolling as well. The only pattern I have found is that they seem to be best in the few areas in this lake with a rocky or sandy bottom. My best day was 3 fish over 15" and I am yet to catch one over 20" out of there.(Though I have seen some come out.) My 5 year old beat my best last year catching 4 keepers fishing with minnows on a spiderman pole off the bank while I took him on his first camping trip.

    I just don't think Cowan is ever going to be a real productive Saugeye fishery. They are definately there but the lake lacks the concentrations found in many other lakes around here. The saugeye failed the first time they stocked them and I think it is likely to fail again. My guess is the millions of Stunted Crappies has something to do with it. Maybe there is just too much competition for forage to allow saugeye to grow in large numbers.
  4. I believe cowan has sauger not saugeye? Correct me if I'm wrong. I have always wanted to try the lake for muskie. Does anyone do any good for them? Ronnie
  5. No Croc, Cowan lake is in fact stocked with Saugeye ( not sauger ). I went out there about 3 weeks ago with a friend on a boat, and was trolling 1/4oz jigheads with a twister tail ( tipped with a night crawler ), and I caught 3, and he caught 4. The biggest was about 17 inches. Not the biggest, but still a decent night. I've never targeted Musky, but my guess is they would be hanging out on the ledges of sudden drop offs, and around trees, and brush on the bottom of the deep waters right now. Try fishing the area by the dam, where there are sudden bottom changes in depth.
  6. I wasn't too positive on what they stocked. I would like to find some where I could go for pike or muskie local. Ronnie
  7. i know u can get pike out of the GMR but i aint to sure on where there r muskies
  8. Sleprock

    Sleprock fishing cabrewer

    went out today maybe 10 am to 430 pm no saugeye but cought crappie bluegill and catfish, also lost the biggest lm bass of my life he was at least 5 pounds, hooked into him trolling a deepcrankbait, anyone catch alot of bass trolling he was a bigone, cought a 5 inch crappie on same 3 inch crankbait.
  9. catking

    catking Banned

    I also believe that this lake won't be a great saugeye fishery. Back in the day, we used to catch a fair share of walleyes out of Cowan. In fact, it was a decent walleye lake in the early seventies. But as with the walleyes. I believe the saugeyes will also quietly go the way side. But Cowan can still be a prety good little fishing lake. THE CATKING !!!
  10. Hey Catking, you say those were walleye back in the late 70's? I remember seeing dead ones below the dam that were real nice. I would refer to them in terms of pounds not inches. I didnt know they were walleye. I thought they were saugeye. I do hope the saugeye make it in this lake.
  11. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    You aint holdin' your mouth right. ;)