Please help me read my fishfinder

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  1. I cannot figure out how to read my fishfinder. Here's what I mean: When my boat is still (not moving) the screen is constantly scrolling across. I would think that the view on the screen would stop moving, when the boat is not moving. Now, granted, after the screen scrolls through its cycle, it starts all over again. The only way I can figure it out is to get the boat right next to the bank where the water gets shallow. Then, I can tell what the fishfinder is viewing. But, if I go out to deeper water, the screen continues to scroll from left to right..... My problem is, I see structure on the bottom, but I have NO idea where that structure is in relation to the boat. The owners manual is no help either... Please help:mad:
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    Sounds like what you looking at is the history. In other words the flasher is real time and it records those events on the main portion of the screen. As far as bottom structure, it will show the changes in depth and record anything between the transducer and lake/river bottom sending out a pinging/clicking sound which bounces off the objects within a cone. The cone angle will vary depending on what frequency your transducer operates on. It could be 3/1 ratio meaning for every three feet in depth the diameter increases 1 foot. So if you're in 30 foot of water your area at depth would be about 10 ft. You'll need to find out what cone angle your transducer is to get an idea of how much area you're actually seeing at a particular depth.
    Hope this helps.

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    Slow down the scroll speed on the controls.
  4. its just like your writing a scentence on a peice of paper with a pen.
    everything to the left of the pen is what you have already written.
    where the pen is actually touching the page at the right that is what is actually happening and being written right now.

    so if you have a mark on the extreme right edge of the screen, and the mark is just forming, it is a fish entering the cone of the transducer under the boat, (either because its swimming or your boat is moving, or both)

    everything to the left of the right edge of the screen is just showing you what you have already gone over.

    The depth is the same way, the depth all the way to the right of the screen is the depth you are over at that moment.
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    Big josh explained it pretty good. Now i will add this to his explanation. Depending on how fast the screen is scrolling and how fast you are moving or drifting depends on how far behind you the stuff on the screen really is.

    what could give you a good idea is go somewhere on the water were you know there is a stump something under you get right on it and play with the scroll speed and moving the boat around and you will get an idea of were things are at and when. or get on a drop slow down your screen and slow the boat way way down and just follow and you will figure it out.