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Pleasant Hill

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Steelhauler, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. I'm planning on doing some camping next week at Mohican State Park. Has anyone been fishing Pleasant Hill or Clear Fork? Just wondering if anything is biting. Thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry I don't have a great knowledge of this lake, but RiverWalker and I fished it last Monday. Both of us must have watched an incorrect forecast that day, it was very cold, windy, and the fish were very sluggish. We got into a mess of crappie on the rock bluffs below the lodge at P Hill, but strangely enough, the bigger ones came off isolated, larger boulders there, than on the trees along the shore. The bass were small, but RW took several off spinnerbaits. And we trolled for saugeye and found a mess of them, but they were preoccupied with baitfish, which were thick as thieves. We got chased off the lake but a very large, and very close lightning strike as the rain moved in.

    I have not fished Clear Fork since 9/11, a club tournament I ended up winning. I would imagine, that the fish are still active and chasing baitfish. I caught my fish at the far eastern end of the north shore. One monster on a spinnerbait, and several smaller fish on cranks. That area has great dropoffs, and if the fish are starting to move to more vertical areas, this is a good place to find them.

    Get a hold of River Walkeron the site. He knows these waters well, and he is a heckuva guy. More than willing to share and put someone on fish.


  3. Thanks for the kind words WP! Two guys I know hit P.Hill Thursday afternoon,and fished until a bit after dark.The only thing they targeted was saugeye,and they did pretty well.They caught nearly all of their fish trolling stickbaits with a three-way rig off of two points down towards the dam.They got three large fish,another 3 "keepers",and a couple dinks.If you've never fished the lake before,a good area to try first is right off the beach by the boat ramps.The big point that the ramps are on is also a good spot,as are the deepwater points near the dam.Although they haven't been real productive here lately,Vib-e's are usually a good bet,trolling shad raps is also a good option and of course dragging harness' around also works.It's a very good saugeye lake.It's an exceptional lake for crappies also,wood or rock cover is the place to be.There's also a decent number of smallies and largemouth's in there too.Lower end of the lake by the dam for smallies,upper
    end for largemouth.
    Eric,I haven't been on here to much lately due to my schedule.Are you up for anything maybe Wed.? I have to work on Tuesday this week,I'm planning on a spillway or two Monday for some eyes' if you're interested.I hit CF last Wednesday morning,it started out like it was going to be a banner day.I caught 2 real nice bass right off the bat(both went 17"),then I lost a real hog in that little cove by the bridge.He never came out of the water so I could get a good look,but I caught a couple glimpse's before the hook pulled out.I caught 1 other small bass after that,then for some reason they just quit,and I never got another hit.I seen 3 big muskies get caught in the bay by the marina,2 were caught by guys casting,and 1 guy got one trolling.Got my Michigan pics in yesterday-awesome!
  4. I was starting to worry about you there for a minute. Just shot you a pm to see if you and that tooth were going toe to toe. I haven't been online much myself since I got home from the honeymoon. But I could certainly hit one of the spillways with you on MOnday thats for sure. Still hunting for a trolling motor, I'd love to take the boat out at least once more before it gets too cold. Just let me know what you have in store for Monday and I'll head on up. Do you know how the weather's going to be?

  5. Thanks guys,

    The info is greatly appreciated. I haven't decided if I'm dragging the boat down or not. I may just be fishing the spillway or the river. I'll let you know how I do.