Pleasant Hill Saugeye

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  1. I left work a little early and hit the spillway hoping for some action. Fished from 3-6 and managed 1 that was maybe 10 inches. Caught him on a green twister. Had a lot of bites right around 6 pm but managed just that one fish. I threw different colors and some cranks but couldnt find what they liked. Always next time though.
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    My buddy was out at Deer Creek, but the action seems to have slowed as well. I'm hoping for a trip to Charles Mill, but I've got house repairs to finish.

  3. shroomhunter

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    KUDOS to anyone that hikes that mountain!!! I used to do that regularly in my younger days but cringe at the thought now:D
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    Hee hee. After dragging the girl down there last winter she renamed it
    Unpleasant Hill.......
  5. Back when I was a kid we use to take innertubes down that hill in the winter. That was a BLAST !!!! I guess someone ended up going in the water and so they put those posts up to prevent anyone from doing that again. Use to be alot of fun till then though. :D
    What sucked was when you were walking up the hill and someone coming down would wipe you out.
  6. Hit the hill and the mill today only got one at UNPLEASANT hill haha! not a recod but nice to actually have one on get it on a jig right in front of me. Water looked good just could not get any takers water was full of shad they were everywhere. oh well one more in the freezer for the winter fish fry.

  7. havn't been there in 30yrs . fished below the spillway for white bass , yep I remember that hill .