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Pleasant Hill Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by River Walker, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Is there any saugeye action going on?
  2. Holy **** you mean to tell me that your actually asking a question rather than giving some good advise on here River Walker........LOL...... Just messing with you buddy..................Rich

  3. Yeah,I tried down there for a couple of hours earlier this evening.I caught 3 saugeye's 2 went 11",and the other was 16".I also caught 1 white bass,and a couple smallies about 12".I was just wondering if anybody else has been fishing here recently.By the way,when are we going to hook up for some fishing?
  4. Might be able to hook up ths Thursday if your open........ Rich
  5. Wednesday is open as well............ Rich
  6. I wish I could,my days off are Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.I'll be heading out in the morning somewhere,I'd like to haul the boat up to Erie,but the waves are going to be too large.I already wore out P.Hill,so I'll probably jump in a creek somewhere.Thinking about either the Huron around Monroeville,or maybe the upper Kokosing around Fredricktown.I think Wednesday morning I'll tow the boat down to Alum Creek Lake and try to work on the saugeye's down there.If you can ever make it on any of those three days,you know that you're welcome to come along.
  7. Didn't catch your post until I had already responded.I'll drop you a PM later tonight,or sometime tomorrow,and we'll set something up for Wednesday.