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Pleasant Hill Lake report 11-22

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by River Walker, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. I fished Pleasant Hill Lake earlier today with Warpath.We marked a ton of fish in all the usual spots down there,but couldn't seem to get the big boys interested.I ended up catching 11 saugeye's,but only one was a keeper(later measured it to be 15 1/2").We also caught a few nice crappies,WP caught the majority of them(he's the man when it comes to the slabs!),also caught a few white bass,a couple sunfish,and the BIG surprise-I actually caught a Lake Erie size jumbo sheepshead,first one I've ever caught there,or ever even heard of being caught out of there.We caught all the fish vertically jigging with Vib-e's.A few other guys we talked to down there reported similar results,a lot of smaller eyes',and a few crappies.The water temp is still near fifty degrees,once it gets about forty degrees,the eyes' should turn on bigtime.All in all,it was a great day with a great fishing partner,had a lot of laughs.Had a little engine problem right towards the end of the day,but I fixed it once I got home(it was that little arm that had slipped off).
  2. Great day! I almost thought that we'd be reading a Lake Erie smallmouth report out of Ruggles?

  3. We were discussing that exact plan! Our schedules seem to conflict too much at times,but we're working on it,maybe next Monday.How have you been? Still working on them Alum Creek smallies? Hoping to fish a couple tournaments with you next summer,I've been thinking hard about hooking up with Hydrasports group,or maybe the ABA,we'll see.By the way,when is the last time you fished Michigamee? I grew up real near that lake (Iron Mountain area),I used to fish it a lot for smallies and walleye's.Do you know where the railroad bridge crosses over the lake? That's a super spot for monster smallies.
  4. I grudgingly winterized the boat two weeks ago. I looked at the calendar with all of our holiday plans and didn't think that I would have another chance to get out this year...

    Michigamme is a gem of a lake. I've been fishing the opener up there for the last 10 years. I think it is one of the best little known smallmouth lakes in the country. There are a couple of places where there is a railroad bridge. Are you talking about the bay behind Presbetary Point or where the Peshekee River enters the lake? That bay behind Presbetary Point is awesome.

    We've been branching out and trying a couple of other lakes in the area and been doing real well. Next year, my goal is to get out on Big Bay de Noc to see if I can't chase down the smallies there.

    I didn't know that you grew up in Iron Mountain... I'm guessing that you've seen the movie Escanaba by Moonlight???

    Really beautiful area up there.
  5. Yeah,I own that movie.The tracks I was referring to are in the area where the Peshekee enters the lake,Presbetary Point,and the adjoining bay are also awesome for smallies and walleye's.I don't know if you've ever fished the area down by the Way Dam or not,but I always catch a few monster bass off a little rock bar nearly out in front of the dam.The bay where the Fence River enters the lake is another smallie hotspot.I fish a lot of the lakes in that area,probably my favorite would be Peavy Pond,or Lake Ellen.I was born and raised there,and I try to get up there every chance I get.Have you ever tried the Michigamee River,or the Menominee River north of Iron Mountain? Both are premier bass and walleye waters.
  6. Buzzman
    I don't fish Big Bay that often,I prefer LBDN a lot more.BBDN does have an incredible bass fishery,but I like the general makeup of the Little Bay.A ton of rocky humps,reefs,shelves,gravel and boulder bottoms,a lot of tributaries and a ton of reeds.BBDN is primarily deep water for the most part.Ogontz Bay and Stony Point near Nahma are well known areas for bass,as is most of the shoreline on the eastern half of BBDN along the Garden Peninsula.
  7. I owned my first boat, I was fishing in the bay in front of the Peshekee River by the those tracks. I had never fished Michigamme before, and got introduced to Canadian Shield Lake Boulders real fast. I was only idling in the area, but I remember the first scratch on the boat real well.

    That lake has a ton of good spots. The whole south shore across from Presbetary Point holds a ton of smallies, Seymour Bay is my favorite, down by the dam... The structure there is very good. There is one small rock that sits in the middle of the lake on your way down to the dam, with a sand bar that juts to the south of the rock. The lake drops off into 50 - 60 fow on all sides of the rock - I've found the walleyes and smallies stacked up there, as well.

    I don't know if you've seen any of the recent stocking reports, but the DNR is really giving stocking Lake Trout in Michigamme a go the last couple of years. I'm hoping that the change doesn't impact the smallies to much.

    I haven't fished either of the rivers, but have been on: Au Train, Greenwood, Little Bay de Noc, and Deer Lake. Deer Lake is very cool if you haven't had a chance to fish it. Very few homes on the lake and a small ramp, GREAT fishing. It's over by Au Train.

    Just writing about it makes me want to head up there right now! Probably already iced over with 30" of snow on top! Might have to rent a snowmobile and tie the ice auger on the back.
  8. That the engine problem was minor. It seemed only logical that the shifter arm came undone. I couldn't believe you would purposefully run the boat up the ramp!!!!!!!

    I had a great time as usual. A bit cold, but I guess I better get used to that. I don't mind the crappie, but Wally Marshall I'm not. I still want to catch a keeper walleye and saugeye this year. I don't even catch bluegill anymore, just bass and crappie. Go figure!

    I love that lake, P Hill. Even with the leaves off the trees it's beautiful. What I'm amazed about is that the water should've been colder considering what a lousy reception we got from some of those guys on the lake. Awww, that's okay.

    There's always next Monday, right? Talk to you soon, have a great turkey day.

  9. Buzzman
    Yeah,I've been fishing all those lakes most of my life,you're right about Deer Lake,it's a bass haven.I caught my first MI award fish on AuTrain,it was a 38" northern,still have him on my wall! That big rock you're talking about near Way Dam is the one I was describing to you earlier,I've caught tons of bass and walleye's where that water drops off the south side of the hump.I don't think the introduction of lakers in there will hurt the bass at all.Several of my favorite bass lakes up home have large laker populations,and the bass are thriving(Chicagon Lake for one).I just talked to my brother a couple days ago(he lives about 12 miles from Michagamee),he said it's been going down into the teens at night,but no ice yet,they're supposed to get a big snowstorm later this evening though.
    I'm all for Monday if you're up for it.Spillways,P.Hill,Lake Erie,or Indian Lake,maybe even Alum Creek.Let me know.
  10. Sadly, I cannot say I've fished Phill behind the spillway or past October ever and I've been fishing therefor over 12 years...mostly because of lack of boat at that time of year...and well start going too far back and time and im under the driving age...but it makes me wish we didnt have a pontoon sometimes there so I could fish it a little better. I need to get behind the spillway too and fish it. Ive been behind Charles mills plenty of times but never do good on anything but channels and white bass...hopefully going down there with some time off during the next couple weeks and would love to hook up and get a proper intro to the saugeye fishing behind the spillway.

    And I do agree about the beauty of the lake...I don't know what beats a sunset on that lake reflecting off the rock cliff with the leaves changing.