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  1. recently moved to the area 6 mos ago and alot of the old timers around during the summer months went on and on about the winter saugeye bite. i have fished for them over the past week with not much luck from the shore at pleasant hill and spillway at charles mill and haven't had much luck just a few dinks. has the saugeye bite at these two reservoirs died off and the lakes have been cleaned out ? or am i at the wrong places? or maybe lake erie with my bro in law and the lund just spoiled me. btw summer fishin was great up here and im not ready to put up the tackle yet. im the type that will stay out all night in 20degree cold if there is a bite so if anyone needs some company let me know. my 7yearold son was a great fishin buddy this summer and great catfish slayer but doesn't tolerate this cold too much at all so i am usually out there alone and don't see many others on these lakes. thanks guys will see what happens
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    I usually fish the spillway at Pleasant and I have had great luck, especially as winter moves along. Using yellow and white twisty tail grubs worked the best, and sometimes my buddy and I have brought in a trout or two with it. Also the best place to fish from is the bottom off the rocks where you can cast up into the spillway and bring back the bait with the current. Anyplace else seems to make catching them a bit more difficult. Hopin to be there soon to cash in on some of that great saug fishing.