Pleasant Hill/Charles Mills?

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  1. Anyone have any info in Ice thickness of these lakes. also looking for bait in the area. I used to got to a store called the Mifflin Trading Post I think, but it doesnt seem to exist anymore. At least in phone listings. Thanks!!
  2. Observed 2 guys on Pleasant hill today down by the dam. The Mifflin Trading Post still exists but i believe they shut down for the winter now. There is a little bait shop on the corner of SR 95 and SR 39 in perrysville. The are open 8-6 monday thru friday.

  3. thanks for the update!! cant wait to get down there...wasnt sure so I tried some other lakes around here with limited success.

    JTRESS consistently confused

    I was one of the guys seen down by the dam. Tried to catch some crappies, but one of the bolts holding a blade sheared off on my auger. This made it pretty useless. Did not catch anything out of our first hole, and that was the only hole we could make. Grrrr. anyhow, ice was nice and thick- at least 6"