Plastic Storage Tubes for Crankbaits

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by goolies, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy some clear plastic storage tubes for storing crankbaits? I would like to buy long lengths of tube and caps so I can cut them to custom lengths. The only sources I could find on the net sell wholesale in large quantities only. Thanks.

  2. Dixie Chicken

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    Check my buddy Ole Pete he has the boxes and tubes that I use.
    I think you may have seen them although it was dark. He will be at our upcoming show.

  3. fugarwi7

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    Try Lowes and go to the lighting Dept. They sell 4' plastic tubes that cover flourescent can get them in two different widths.
  4. what diameter? have you checked out the clear plastic covers they sell for flouresant tubes. Lowes sells them and caps too. i think they are about 1 1/2" dia.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm thinking I might want a couple of sizes between 1" and 2" diameters. I'll try Lowes.
  6. Those Ole Pete's tube boxes are GREAT. I need to pick up a couple more at the show Larry...
  7. eyesman_01

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    I've got one of the "Special Mate" crank boxes. Holds 120 baits. A little pricey, but all the baits are at your fingertips, easy to see, and keep the hooks from getting tangled.
  8. Andy I saw those Ole Pete boxes and tubes that Larry had. They looked great.
  9. I use a Special Mate box for my reef runners.. It holds 120 of them and they stay tangle-free. I picked mine up at Erie Outfitters.