Plastic gas tank???

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  1. How can I keep my 6 gallon tank from collapsing in between fill ups??? I do vent the tank from time to time, should I not do that. My tank was almost empty last weekend and I thought filling it up would round the tank out but I was only able to get 3-3.5 gallons in it. I usually let my tank run down before filling up so I can have fresh gas/oil mix. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Not sure how that could happen. I would think with that much vaccuum, the motor wouldn't be able to suck gas out of it.

    To expand it, you can try filling it up then letting it sit out in the sun.

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    while sitting idle for a period of time,they will collapse if not vented.leave the vent partially open when not using it,and that should prevent collapsing.
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    what he my 6 gal expands and contracts with the temprature. when i store it i always leave the vent on the cap open.
  5. Yes but not 2.5 gal worth. Also, when you open the cap/vent it will pop back to full capacity.

    You must have had MUCH more gas in it than you thought before you filled it up. What I do is completely empty the tank into another storage tank (marked with the oil mix), then fill with a full six gal and one bottle of oil (sized for the 6 gal.). Then after I've used enough out of the six gal. tank, I pour the leftover from the previous six gal. mix back in.
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    i wouldn't bet on that.extreme changes in temps and pressure can do funny things;)

  7. The tank was almost bone dry, the reason I had to stop after 3 gallons was the tank was still collapsed and it would've overflowed if I kept going. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    I would get another tank, get rid of that one. If the vent is open and it still colapses, it's time to get another. That one is not working right. I have never heard of this before.
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    mine usually expands in the hot weather. never seen one colapse.