Plastic fuel cell law?

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  1. I finally picked up a boat the other day and it came with a metal can with all of the proper fittings. Someone told me that I will be fined if caught using this container. They said you have to have a plastic cell by law. I could not find any laws stating this. Is this legit??????
  2. some one is pulling your leg...unless they changed the law if they did there are a ton of boats out there with metal tanks,,both outboards and inboards,,maybe I don't know what a plastic cell is ,,,

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    i haven't heard anything to that effect,but do know laws are on the books,regarding types of containers that can be used for gas.first experience with it was several years ago in construction.big fines were levied on people for improper gas cans that were previously legal.for the most part,it was an osha thing,so i don't know about the fuel cell thing.but the type of containers that could be used are limited to those with certain safety features.
  4. I do know if you have a plastic fuel tank and the Coastguard inspects your boat it had better be properly grounded . We were in a marina when a boat was towed in because the fuel tank was not properly grounded,,,
  5. Thanks guy's, I didn't think there were and had looked everywhere for any such laws and found only that it should be vented. My neighbor is Mr. Knowitall and loves to argue over anything.
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    How is proper grounding defined? Does the fuel line connected to the motor count as a ground? Is this only for big boats? Never heard of that.
  7. I don't know ,but it had something to do with a metal chain hooked to the lid and causing a static spark...sounded like the metal had to be removed,,or something we went fishing when we got back they were gone