Plastic eating worms ??

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  1. Agent47

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    Maybe someone can shed some light on this.
    I decided to spend some time rearranging my tackle box today to get ready for the change of season when I came across one of my lil Plano micro boxes with the lid all melted. I opened the box to find a rubber worm stuck to the other side.
    Now I have had this in the past but I have never realized what it was from.
    The box has never been exposed to direct sunlight or intense heat so I KNOW the coating on the worm has to have caused this reaction.
    I am curious, any idea what this might be.. to be able to eat plastic.. kinda reminds me of the old model glue we used to use as kids....
  2. Must be old box. Most the new boxes are worm proof. You are right it is the worm reacting with the plastic in the box.

  3. Lewzer

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    Worms are highly plasticized PVC. Some of the newer ones might be urethanes.
    The plasticizer is in the worms to make them soft and pliable, not stiff like your PVC siding. That's just the plasticizer leaching out of your worms softening (melting) your plastic box.
  4. esox62

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    hey agent, email plano at they will mail you a new lid or whatever has broken on a box. i have done this a couple times in the past and never any charge. they are great. you need the model no. and that should be it. i used to put plastic worms in baggies then in the tray in the box, if i had problems with worm burn..
  5. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Thanx Esox
    Here is what I got

    Our boxes are advertised as worm-proof, this should not have happened. Please return the boxes to us at
    Plano Molding Company
    Attn Repairs
    712 West Main
    Plano, IL 60545
    Upon receipt, replacement boxes will be sent out to you at our cost.

    Much appreciated.