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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Hetfieldinn, Sep 25, 2007.

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    After watching MTV Cribs, I've decided a need a plasma TV. I know absolutely nothing about them. The dude at the local Costingtons claims that LG and Samsung are hard to beat. I'm looking at a 42"er.

    Can anyone shed some light on purchasing a plasma tv? What brands to stay away from, ect..........

    The Simpsons comes on at 6, so.................
  2. ParmaBass

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    Look at LCD instead, they'll last longer!

  3. RareVos

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    I hear Sorny and Magnetbox are perfectly cromulent.
  4. gf319804

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    I would go with Sony or Samsung. Both have great picture quality, and are both a good brand name. I would go with LCD over plasma, but that's just my personal opinion. IMO, the picture quality between a 1080p LCD tv, and a plasma tv aren't worth that extra money a plasma tv is gonna run you. Go with a 1080p LCD Sony or Samsung. LG isn't too bad either.
  5. I say pick one you like and take it home and if the Simpsons don't jump out and really impress you take it back and get a different one. :D I'm not real sure about the tv's but I do know they don't hold up well to having a Wii remote thrown at them. ;)
  6. Het Ask Kev this question.. he can hook ya up!!!!!

    only after watchin....MTV cribs... (must of been a real productive day eh?

    ah man... do crack me up!

  7. i got a 40 inch polaroid. and i love it. looking at an olevia for the bedroom. i know some might say what polaroid and oileva? why? just buy what you like, read online reviews. i would go to circuit city myself. halo3 looks amazing on my polaroid.
  8. true2plue

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    Placed a 50" 1080i Panasonic Plasma next to a 50" 1080i Samsung Plasma , and found no difference. Ended up buying the 50" Panasonic. Sweet picture. Hope this helps!!:D
  9. Hook N Book

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    Check out the "Aquous" by Sharp. I do think they make a 42" and 46" panel. I to recommend the LCD whichever brand you go with. And 1080p is a must also.
    Also, be prepared to spend some extra Ducats on the HDMI cables as well as a stand and Surround sound system....make that a couple of thousand extra. :D
    Lastly, you'll want to be sure your cable/satallite provider has good HD programming....some just aren't there yet. Others have quite a bit of HD programming to offer. ;)
  10. ShakeDown

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    LCD over plasma if you can afford it! Sony (you'll pay for em) or Samsung.
  11. K gonefishin

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    If your putting it on the wall get an LCD with 1080i and 1080p support, as others said make sure you can hook up HDMI cables they will give you the best picture possible. I actually went with a DLP back in March I actually think they offer the best picture out there, my TV while watching HDTV actually looks like it's wet and better than life. it's actually pretty crazy how TV can look better than real life.
  12. First off, do the research. Buying a plasma or LCD is nothing like buying old tube or projection tv back in the day. There are lots of in's and outs of all the new displays and you need to find out which one is the best for your type of viewing.

    - What are you going to be using the tv for? Movies, tv, sports, gaming etc etc.
    - What's the budget? This is probably the most important question.
    - What looks good to your eye at the store. *Note most tvs on display are set to a vivid type from the factory. Basically meaning the brightness is being cranked way up to look more vivid, duh. This can be a trap since you'll never likely use your tv in vivid type mode if it is properly adjusted. This is where customer or professional reviews come in handy.
    -So, check some reviews on the models you become interested in. See what the world says.
    -Finally, make sure you know exactly what you're getting. Just because a tv says it does 1080p doesnt mean it does true 1080p. Just because it says has built in tuner, doesnt mean it has all or the right tuners you might need.
    -Maybe most importantly when you finally do decide on the tv you want never ever ever buy accessories, ie- hdmi, optical whatever cables from the store...ever. Things like monster HDMI cables etc are a complete rip off. You can spend more on cords at the store then the tv. Don't waste $100+ for a 3ft Monster HDMI cable when one equally nice and twice as long can be had online for $5. It's a digital technology, a stream of 1's and 0's isn't concerned about gold plating or being trademarked by a rip off company. end rant on cords, sorry.

    Here's my take. If you are staying in the 40" range I would go for a plasma with a high contrast ratio (10,000:1 or higher) and good sych. The plasma for the sub 42" category has almost all the advantages minus power consumption and possible true 1080p (youll still have 1080i). Most experts say 1080p is near worthless on a tv under 42" unless you are sitting right on top of it. True 1080p is what LCD tv's tend to boast, even though many plasmas are now capable of it, its really not an issue on smaller tv's. The plasma is going to give you better color depth, truer blacks, better action for sports etc. As for the life of a plasma vs lcd... all tv's have a life span, period. Plasmas do suffer from a half-life, however that half-life is now anywhere between 30,000-60,000 view hours depending on the tv. So even if you watch your tv 8hrs a day that means you have 3,750 days of 8hr viewing before the tv becomes only half as bright.. and thats for only a 30,000 half life. And then you just turn up the brightness since it shouldn't be cranked from the get go. LCDs do suffer the same fate theirs is just longer. As for burn in, it is basically non-exsistent if a tv is porperly broken in.

    It basically breaks down to what you can afford and what you're watching on it. As someone pointed out before make sure your service provider has a good HD package. Right now DISH has the best but Direct tv is close behind and may be the winner in the end. Compressed HD vs non can be saved for another day..

    Just a place to start
  13. Hook N Book

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    One other point since we're on the subject...I do believe that starting sometime in 2008/2009 analog signals will be non-existent. Meaning, if you do not have a Digital setup you will not be able to watch even regular T.V. :(
    The FCC has decided that that particular band width will be sold to the highest bidder, so we all need to be cognizant about this. Converters are suppose to be a viable alternative with existing sets. Hummm, I would need about seven of them...! :mad:
  14. RiverWader

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    I have a 42 inch Magnavox and I love it , Got mine at wally world .
  15. Hetfieldinn

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    Thanks for all the info guys. From what I've read and heard, I'm kinda leaning towards a plasma unit.

    I watch a lot of DVDs (I have about 600). I'm not a 'gamer'. My control unit (Lazy Boy) sits about twelve feet in front of my tv. From what I've read, the difference in lifespans between the two is negligible.
  16. Spend a few hours in these sites: (lcd) (plasma)

    Lots of good info there. Much of it unbiased, just folks who bought and/or compared units.

    I would try to get 1080P (native) inputs. This will set you up for the future with direct inputs from blue-ray/HD-DVD devices.

    I prefer LCD over plasma since it has a longer "expected" life and uses less electricity. More recent and higher priced LCD units will match plasma in black/dark colors, which is the former issue with LCD. The sony models are a good buy, especially the 'V' and 'W' series (V2500, V3000, W3000) which have most of the same features as the more expensive bravia xbr 3/4/5.

    PM me if you have any specific questions - I've been keeping up with the LCD/plasma market for a few years.
  17. I have a Samsung 1080 lcd, I like it and it has a great pic. My biggest advice is to go to HH Greg in Montrose, I got mine from a salesman named Charles, great guy, straight shooter, and knows his stuff. I went to 10 different stores and heard ever line about this and that,but the BS flag kept coming up. You may not buy it from him,but he will give you the information your looking for.
  18. I read a lot of guys here pushing the LCD, and on top of that the Sony or Sharp.

    My take on that is eh... they probably got sold. Especially on the sony end.. no offense to anyone with a sony. (my dad bought a 40" sony LCD 1+ years ago when it was the largest LCD out there and cost him 3.5K, + he is savy, very tech savy .. The head network arch for Premier Health Partners mind you... that tv sucks!) ((//sony rant could be endless)); I'm not saying go buy a vizio, but don't always be taken by the so called big boys. The best in the biz when it comes to this tech are phillips, samsung, sony, sharp and panasonic. That said I would try to stick with one of these companies when its time to buy but just like the cable issue, sometimes you are paying a hefty premium for a name. Of these few companies I would suggest the panny. They have some how become the toyota to the lex, or honda to the acura, vw to the audi..etc etc. We all know the engineering is there - but do you want to pay for a name (like panasonic isn't a well respected tech company though..right ) I'm not claiming the other brands can't perform (this does not include the list from above), but often times you do get what you pay for.... I think the moral of all this mindless rhetoric is that you need to make sure you're fully aware the difference between sets.

    Unfortunately most people can't tell the difference between driving a well engineered german car vs a sloppy american sedan only because they haven't had the experience to. OK engineering and technology are just that - OK. Once you've experienced better.....
  19. Got a Samsung DLP 1080(thing) for my main T.V. LOVE EVERY minute watching it.

    Had a bunch of reward $$ built up on American Express & the wife ALWAYS wanted a TV for the kitchen. Bought a Sharp 32" Aquos--Man what a T.V. LOVE IT.

    Here is what it boils down to; One MUST go out & compare & see what they like. What looks good to their eye, and make his own decision. Because then you live with it. Plain & simple, what looks good to me may not to you?
    It took me about 10/12 hours to make a final decision for the Samsung, thats how many hours it took for me to decide. ( I did not want any regrets after spending $$$ that much for a TV.) Then after my search I took the wife & we again spent another hour or so AGAIN comparing. She then agreed & thats WHAT WE LIVE WITH. NO REGRETs.

    Read 'YANKS" reply Good Solid Info He's Got.
  20. Definately go with the LCD........they've got a 65" DLP on sale at HH Greg for $1,999.00

    Cant' beat that deal! I'm going to get one here real soon.............