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Planning Catawba walk out this weekend

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by fishmaniac, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. fishmaniac

    fishmaniac OGF Team-charter member

    Is anybody interested in going out this weekend--sat or sun I have a 2 man fishtrap and am looking for company. I will be walking out. Anybody have transportation out there?--way out to the fish? If anybody has any ideas re places to fish up there or wants to give it a try, pm me and we'll
    make plans this w/e!!!
  2. fishmaniac

    fishmaniac OGF Team-charter member

    is water still muddy?? if so, what are best baits to use? or is it wiser to wait another week for clearer water? Come on reelmagic, help me out with this one!

  3. Give reel magic a call he will hook you up. The money is well spent with Tim.

  4. If U Fish Stained Water Stick With Vibs Painted Orange With A Minnow Head. Probably The Lighter Hours Giving You A Little More Time. In Clear Water The Fish Are Spooky And Will Hit The Most Natural Of Baits Giving U Less Time To Hit Them. If Its Brown Stay Home. Its Taken Mosquito Two Weeks To Start To Settle At Midlake. ;)
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