Planning a spring GMR float trip.

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  1. I'm thinking about buying a inflatable pontoon fot GMR smallies in the spring. Does anyone have any feedback in regard to these boats and their usefullness. How far can you carry it and any other info positive or negetive is appreciated. I already have a belly boat and fell that it isn't the best platform. Fish%20Cat%20Cougar.gif
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    Check over in the canoe and kayak sub forum under Boats and Motors - this is probably one of the most frequent topics - Sit on top versus sit in kayak versus pontoon versus ...

    I know BlueWater on the forums here fishes out of one of these and likes it a lot. I personally use a sit in kayak and like it.


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    get a canoe that way you can bring wife, kids, go on the river turneys we have.

    Speaking of when we gonna scheduale some. i think we do 4 or 5 how about somebody finds a sponser
  4. You need to define what part of the GMR you are talking about, the middle and lower stretches are long pools and fairly wife open, the pontoon will kill you since youll be rowing twice as hard when the wind blows you upstream. (with a pontoon, a short float is a MUST) A canoe or yak is a much better way to cover water and you still need 2 cars with a toon so why not go with the machine that will cover a lot of water for you with minimal effort? I like a canoe over the yak, easier to fish out of ( imho) more stable and allows more luggage and a spare person to paddle while you fish

  5. So long as you deflate the pontoons, you can pack the 'toon in the trunk of your car (heck, I've seen backpacks that these things fit in). Just keep an air pump in your car, and inflate it once you arrive at your destination. You ask, "how far can you carry it?" Most personal pontoons weigh between 50 -60 lbs. IMHO, one person can carry one of these from pond to pond. Whereas with a canoe, you'll need an extra guy to help carrying from pond to pond, or loading/unloading. (I have a 12' boat which I call my "puddle jumper", but I only use it when I have a friend along w/ me.) Thus, I need something for just me.....IMO, the pontoon is perfect for one person.
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    i no the strech from troy to tipp real well, we could start at indian and float to tipp. anyway i would be game for a float trip