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Plain Dealer article 4/1~ TOURNAMENT INFO

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Nipididdee, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. It's amazing how many tournaments, trails, and events we have on our lakes! Too much pressure on Ohio lakes in my opinion but hey..whatcha gonna do. I like the occasional tourney myself!

    Nip, Full field for Mosquito!! Great news! :) Can't wait for the 16th!

  2. I ran into a couple of guys at DSG at Easton this morning, talking about the park fees, stocking, etc.

    One of the guys made some very good points about the ODNR needing to start stocking more fish that can and will naturally reproduce in OH waterways. The thought process was:

    1. In times of budget shortfalls, the ODNR can manage by alternating years of heavy stocking (knowing that natural reproduction would buffer the harvest over that time).
    2. Still keep the fisherman in fish!

    He suggested stocking species like catfish, crappie and bass on a larger scale. Unfortunately, another guy made a point that I tend to agree with: a lot of OH inland lakes just do not have an abundance of habitat to support huge LM bass populations. Overall, I think that this is more of the problem (at least with bass), especially with a sport that is predominantly catch and release.

    Does anyone know of the extent of the programs that the ODNR has for fish habitat management?
  3. Thanks Bill- getting a full capped field has been challenging and still following rules regarding paymetns for entries! I lost a lot of hair this past month! You going out to Mosq tomrrow???

    As for stocking - I really don't know much about it. As an angler I admittingly feel I am way more in touch with the bodies of water and environment locally than state officials. I think many do as well. I saw the recent report for bass fishing posted by the state for Mosquito. If they went by that kinda electroshock research to stock bass with they have a whole heck of a lot of issues!

    As for pressured fish... I'm kinda out on that one. Pressure does change the fishing dynamics. But with the norm now being catch and release AND proper handling at tournaments, pressure has more to do with a mental state than a real detriment to the fishing.

    Tomorrow though when I suck, I'll pull that pressure term out!!! :eek:

  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    Were you on any fish in practice Nip?
  5. Procraft- my prefishn was this and at WB!

    First 1.5 hrs of break-in on my new rig- then my new rig broke. I got a Mercury this time around! It's just a mind jinx on me I hope, for years of badmouthing them!

    I drove in reverse back to the ramp. Drove back to shop, drop boat off. Went to work next day. Chased gun toteing kids all day Thurs. Picked boat back up after work Thurs night. Finished off some rigging on troll motor and wiring. Talked to about 30 people who want to fish NOAA Mosquito but didn't pay in time. Had chineese with the kids and Co-director's family. Got sick from chineese. Watched my youngest blow poop all over the bathroom floor from him being sick too. Cleaned poop. Didn't go to work today- still deathly sick. Strated gearing up around 3pm for first two events this weekend. Just opened tackle from last trip in November tonight. Cleaned my first reels of the year~ all afternoon. Loaded boat. Talked to another 15 people who wanted in Mosquito NOAA. Spooled reels- kissed my wife- tied lures- put rods in boat. Fell outa boat onto concrete. Can't sleep. Gotta find more warm clothes and now I'm posting this.

    I missed the fishn' part since mid November!

    I'm ready now though and might actually get a few hours in before Boyscout! That's a rareity!!!

    By the way - The NOAA event has a full field and is closed- I'm sorry fellas, snooze you lose! Openings in the rest- why not pay NOW!???? :confused:

    You catch any on MOSQ Procraft. Hope you have had a better couple of days than I! Got all the jinxes out I hope for me!!!

    BRRRRRRRR.... it's gettn chilly!

  6. Man that sounds like a string of bad luck...guess it's good to get it all out before the season starts! Good luck to all of you!
  7. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    I havent been to squito this year yet, Just PL. I'll probably start fishing squito in a few weeks.
  8. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    Nip you had rough week good luck this year.
  9. well my opinion is instead of stocking what most of these ohio lakes really needs is some struckture in them like some big rock piles some hard wood brush piles. xmas trees are cheap and better than nothing but i think hard wood would help bass more. alot of these lakes are used for water controll wich means they go up and down alot wich hurts weed growth. these lakes are starting to get old and alot of the natural struckture is leaving we need to be able to replace it. after that is done some stocking may help but we need to look at the fundamentals first.