Place's you fished as a kid and think about all the time.

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  1. i miss going to my grandparents house in melbourne beach florida. every summer my parents would fly me down there for the whole summer vacation. my grandpa would take me fishing all over. they lived in a mobile home park on A1A between the Indian river and the atlantic grandpa would take me alot of places to fish like,cocoa beach,cape canaveral,sebastin inlet,i still have my ron jon surf shop shirt that my grandpa bought me. my grandpa past away in 1988 and my grandma in 1990. havent been back since. i am saving money to go back. maybe this winter get a room on the beach at the hilton there and stay for about 10 days.i know i can't afford the beachfront hilton . my budget is more like the beachfront days inn.
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    I used to fish Shreve Lake and caught some real monster bass there. I had a fish slam a Rat L Trap there one day, stopped me dead in my tracks and then began towing me and my jon boat accross the lake before it straightened the hooks. I have no idea what it was but it was a biggun. Years before that I would stay at my Grandparents house near there and my Grandfather would tell me to catch a bucketfull of minnies and he would take me there fishing when he got home from work. I often think of him sitting there in his favorite spot catching fish for dinner. One of these days.....

  3. huntington beach in bay village where i grew up. started when i was 3 (almost 51 years ago) put some of my dad's ashes off the end of the pier a few years back. it is one of my serenity places
  4. Apsley Lake near Peterborough, Ontario..a relative owned a 2 story house on an island and I spent a week or two fishing with my brother a few times when I was a kid. I remember staring down into the water, trying to pick out the bigger perch and occasionally catching a pike, walleye, or rock bass with my trusty red Johnson closed face reel and a indestructable fiberglass pole. I was about 7 and fell in love with Canadian fishing.

    Big pond full of pumpkinseed blue gill near the a runway at the Buffalo airport next to I-90. Fished, swam, and did "other teen activities so to speak". Now it's a fenced in EPA Superfund site!

    Fished breakwall near Peace Bridge in Buffalo, catching my first walleye.
  5. Grew up fishing / walking below the Pymatuning dam on the shenango.....grandparents lived about 3/4 of mi down from the dam in the dothit(sp?) allotment.. they passed in '84/'85 and my uncle let the place fall apart for 10 yrs before finally selling it in middle 90's..hated him for that..

    Some old guy I never knew and don't remember his name is the one that first taught me to fish / how to bait a hook with a minnow or grandparents weren't into it...and for reasons i won't get into here my papa didn't like us kids much cause of him not liking my dad..oh well....

    But mr. whoever you are (i'm sure long since passed away), to this day I remember your face and am thankful someone sat me down to experience the wonder of 'what is on the line biting now....'....
    I could catch perch out accross the middle by the edge of the other side under a willow tree, bass by the old rubber tire by the old water slide, and crappie crappie galore everywhere else....and the carp....i used to think when i was swimming, they'd come up and suck off my toes....ouch!
    Trot lines for cats, and using cheese curls and bread for the massive carp.

    I would dam up the little creek off the river and put some perch and crappie in there that I had caught......but every time I would come back to the creek the fish would be gone.....:(

    Sneaking out to the island owned by Mom Gaines across the old falling apart rickety bridge....used to fish from the bridge till it really started to fall apart as I got older.....Betty Norman and her son/nephew (i can't remember) Jim Jett.

    Boy this took me back.

    Simpler times when I was a kid, remembering some nice people from my childhood. God I miss that place and time...wish I could go back sometimes.

  6. by the way...don't know how those misc links got into my msg...i didnt put them
  7. Grand River Fishing for smalies.... behind a Campground of familiy friends..

    fond Memories...

  8. Im voting for Rice Lake Ontario. My dad, brother, and myself would go the first week in june every year from 85 till around 94. First place I landed my first bass, rock bass, and walleye. I even managed to hook into a muskie when I was 9, but lost it at the boat.

    We had such great memories of the lake, my brother and I decieded to head back as adults last year. Still great Walleye fishing, and the trip brought back many great childhood memories
  9. Beech City.
    Fishing and Duck hunting. Never caught anything.
  10. Below the New River dam in Hinton, W.Va. Some real nice smallies but the attraction for us was the huge catfish. We'd use bluegills for bait and landed very few since the cats would go up behind the underwater concrete breakwalls and saw our line til it broke. Some of them were huge! Haven't been back since late sixties-always wondered if it's still as good as it was!?
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    Lake Cable in North Canton..............That lake used to really hold some excellent fish............Large Bluegill, Walleyes and Bass with a few pike mixed in as well...........Nice looking lake with lots of canals and private residences with docks and other fishy places to toss the Mr Twister grub..........

    More recently, Sandusky Bay Perchin' by the Coal Docks..........Always something biting over there........
  12. The old quary behind Misty lake apartments in Middleburg hts.-----since been filled in and built on! You coulden't pay me to buy one of those condos.

    Also the quary behind the schoolhouse on Kellys Island. I remember spending hours with sunfish using leftover breakfast (potatos and bacon) Was always a highlight of the weeks and weekends spent camping up there.
  13. Mogadore. I continue to think about how I fished and were I caught fish as a kid, teen, 20's, 30's, 40', 50's and how I can apply it to how and where I catch fish there today.
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    Sebago Lake, Maine - Fished this lake and got good smallmouth, pickeral, and HUGE perch. My dad hired a guide once and we caught a bunch of 5-7 pound lake trout. Beautiful, deep, clear water. World record land locked salmon was caught here.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin - Tons and tons of perch. Delicious, but not as big as the ones in Maine.

    Neighborhood pond, Indiana - This is where I cut my fishing teeth growing up. Tons of 12-14" bass, as well as bluegills. Would bike down there daily during summers.

    Tippecanoe River, Indiana - Below the Lake Freeman dam. Huge channel cats, nice walleye that averaged 17" and I caught some up to 22". This was huge for me at the time. So many white bass. And the wipers... I'll never forget chasing a 26" wiper downstream a hundred yards or more to keep it from spooling me.
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    the brick pond in leavittsburg ohio. we would camp and fish there all weekend when we were younger. lots of huge bass, gills and cats. the police closed it off to any activity once they found some guy had killed his wife, cut her up, put her in black garbage bags and threw her all around the pond..
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    Beaver Lake, Ontario - started fishing there as a kid in 3rd grade and rarely missed a year until three years ago. My kids grew up anticipating that week in July also. I hope to get back up there before too long with both boys and my grandson.
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    Been fishing the same spot in Rocky River for 36 years, since I was 12, back when I had no idea what a Steelhead was. Caught a salmon there too. Finally met one of the homeowners after all these years and I happened to be on "his" side of the river. He was fishing for steel. He pointed out that he was the owner and I said "thanks for 30 years of fishing here" He smiled and kept on walking.
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    it's been nearly 50 years,but i go back often in my mind,to those lazy days sitting on the banks of the muskingum river with my dad.we lived just a block away from the river in zanesville,and spent almost every evening in the warmer months,serving up our doughballs to the local carp population.weekends were reserved for flathead fishing on the many dams along it's length.
    we did a lot of fishing in other places,for other species,but sharing those many days and nights with my dad,just relaxing and learning from him will always be special memories:)
  19. As a kid , family use to go up to Au Train Mich in the UP. There was a little lake close to Au Train we called Forest Lake. It was completely full of dead trees and stumps. Dad and I use to take a fire lane through the forest and way back in there you could rent row boats. We would go out and load baskets full of big gills. Some day i hope to return there for one last trip.
  20. I often miss the days of fishing the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean when I lived on Long Island, NY.

    That's about the only thing I miss about NY though, lol