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Places to canoe: GMR, Stillwater, Mad, LMR

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by GMR_Guy, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. I'm going to be taking my daughter and her sister to do some canoeing and fishing. I've already been canoeing on the LMR, so I was thinking of doing the upper GMR, Stillwater, or Mad. Which one of these places has the best fishing, places where you can park your canoe and fish a good hole or spot? All of these waters have smallmouth and rock bass. The Mad has the bonus of containing trout. Is there a good chance of catching a trout in the Mad? My daughter is quite adept at casting Roosertails or freelining nightrcrawlers on ultralight spinner gear using 4 lb line. For the sake of safety, if we choose the Mad, we'll canoe on the class 1 section of the river. Any recommendations out there?

    Here's a handy link to the various outfitters on the rivers:
  2. Right now might not be the best time for river smallies. I have been either shut-out or only managed a few small bass on my last few trips. Out of the rivers that you listed, I would suggest sticking with the LMR. I have never done very well with the smallies on the GMR, the “productive” areas of the Stillwater will probably entail more than Class I rapids (also a lot of dragging the Canoe), and I have never paddled the mad (there are a lot of trout, but they can be difficult to find in the summer). If you have an Indiana fishing license, I would suggest the Whitewater River. It holds some nice smallies, and it would be a very leisurely paddle.

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    The GMR between St Rt 41 in Troy and Tipp Elizabeth Rd is our favorite spot... it is an all day trip unless you stop at some point and start paddling.

    Ton O Smallies and Rock bass, too bad most of them are little. Dad caught one about 3lbs, the rest are smaller ;)

    Have caught carp, Northerns, Saugeye, and Channels through there..

    Very safe, easy to get out and walk the canoe around any dangerous spots.. UNLESS a tree has fallen across a narrow part (dumped twice in 15 years, not fun, lots of gear lost) Our mistake both times was not getting out of the scanoe ahead of time, and by the time we got there we were in 5 feet of water and screwed...

    Other than that its great... YOu can also go between TIpp Elizabeth and Ross Rd... Shorter Trip less fish..
  4. Thanks for the advice. I was going to go to the Whitewater but Bass Pro was out of Indiana licenses. The upper GMR sounds nice, especially if there's a chance at a northern.

    Yesterday, we ended up taking a short 3 mile trip on the Mad River. The water is cold!!! We stopped at a couple of good looking spots and cast from shore. My daughter and her sister caught shiners, creek chubs, a bluegill, a green sunfish, and a smallmouth on Roostertails and earthworms. The kids are getting spoiled, it is now taking more and bigger fish for them to like it. The creek chubs are exceptionally fat. If the trout feed as well as the creek chubs, then they mustbe very healthy.

    Before the year is out, I'd like to hit the Whitewater and upper GMR.