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PL Wed

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Huntinbull, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Put in at the old state park. Dannoll and I wanted to hit some crappie. I have fished PL for bass and panfish but never targeted papermouth specifically there. Tried some laydowns and hit some redear and gills of about medium size. Moving across the lake I was seeing fish stacked on bottom structure and humps so we anchored and tried drifting minnows under bobbers across them with no result. Hit some more shore cover and found some bigger gills and redears, some in the 9 inch range. Began slowly cruising the shore and casting for bass and I hooked a few small ones and got one fair sized one nearly to the boat before it jumped and shook loose. I think Dan thought it was gonna jump in his lap! lol Time flew and the day was over too soon.

    First time Dan and I haved fished together and I for one was happy we did.

    Dan, you are welcome on my boat anytime. Enjoyed the company and the great conversation. Well met sir.

  2. yes i had the best time too it reminded back when my two boys went fishing that was nearly 30 years ago brout back a lot of memerioes that was the best of times fishing with friends cal you later ( dannoll)