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has anybody seen how small this has gotton
over the years?lol i remeber when the ropes
were set at least 50yds out by at least 150yds.
i was down there while looking for a CLEARING in
the freakin weeds over there,and noticed how
insanely small the swimming area has gotton,lol.
My GOD! it cant be but 50yds long and 15yds
out in the water,i have seen hotel pools bigger than
this.what the heck has gone wrong?there is no
guards on duty right now though,so iam not sure
if they will move it out more or not when they
get on duty.but this is a joke.i dont swim there
or anything but i just cant believe how small it is.
only reason i can think of for this is the weeds?
or perhaps its gotton alot deeper in that area
(i was picking up 6 ft though at about 50yds
out)so it cant be that deep.i thought it was
strange a few weeks ago when i was there
on a mega hot day and there were no
cars in the lot,i thought that place would be packed
ussually is.i can see why it wasn't. :D
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