Pirhanna at Hargus

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gonefishin', Jul 11, 2004.

  1. gonefishin'

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    I'm getting this from the son of the guy who caught the pirhanna, but I know these guys well. It is supposedly in the freezer at Earnies bait shop there at the lake. I'll get more details this week from the guy that caught the beast. Lions, now pirhannas. Talk about fish that aren't native. This should get the whiners goin'.
  2. I may have to go see big ern tomaorw and see whats up

  3. DavidWS10

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    I had a DNR guy tell me that there are Pirhannas in the Great Miami River and that they seem to be reproducing. However, I have yet to encounter one. Might be interesting, though.
  4. We have a few pirhanna every year up here in springfield lake. Seems someone cleaned out their fishtank a few years back and some bluegill fisherman always gets one every few months.
  5. Darwin

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    One was caught at Alum Creek last year. I have to agree with Huntinbull, people get tired of having them and turn them loose....... :( :(
  6. no kidding? the only pirranah i ever heard about was some bigun in the cuyahoga a few years or so ago. this is craziness! reproducing? one every couple months? i wonder when the first attack will be.
  7. JV1


    I had pirahanas a few years back, when my daughter got big enough to reach in the water they nipped at her fingers... so i took them out to the lawn and set them free
  8. JV1 that was a noble thing you did, and im sure the neighborhood cats appreciated your kind hearted gesture too! Who could ask for more than the freedom of the grassy plains?? oh yeah a fish, thats who! HEHE!
  9. Ruminator

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    I take it they weren't big enough to filet. I wonder how the meat would taste? That would be a switch, the eatin' machines getting "eaten"(sp).;) :D
  10. I hope no one catches the great white that I put in hargus

    they allready got my pirianh on ice
  11. DaleM

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    JV, That was great! Burial at the grassy plains, not at sea :D