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Pinpoint TM, NEW mount and Fish finder package

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by UFM82, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Hey guys,
    I have a Pinpoint 3700 60lb thrust 24 volt trolling motor, a brand new Big Water Gator mount and a Pinpoint 7800 depth finder package for sale. The motor is about 4 years old I think. ( I have the original receipt in the paperwork pack- I'll look tonight to see true age.) This is a 50" shaft motor. It is the PinPoint unit that has 5 transducers in the lower unit so it can track depth, contour, shoreline etc. Like a Minn Kota Auto Pilot but better. You can lock on to depth, a breakline or a creek channel and it will follow it for you. Or, place yourself 100' off the bank and it will keep you there. The foot pedal is electric but the speed of the head is like a cable unit- pretty fast. Infinite speed control as well.

    The mount is a brand new Big Water Gator mount- needed for the long shaft this motor has. I have only placed the motor in the mount once to measure it on my boat.

    The depth finder is new, in the box, never used. It requires no power cord- just plug it into the harness that comes off the trolling motor. This will allow you to really look at what the motor is seeing.

    The head on the trolling motor has an LCD screen that shows water temp and depth in large numbers. The finder is a great add-on to the whole system.

    I have everything for this package- even the isolator nuts for mounting the TM mount. The motor itself is in excellent condition- very, very nice. The mount and the finder are new.

    This package in the current MotorGuide line-up is like the Tour PTS series units. You can't touch one of these things for less than $1,500 and I believe the price of this unit was around there initially. The finder wasn't purchased with the motor package- I found that later on. Like I said- never used.

    I am thinking $500 for the whole shebang. If yu want it shipped, it's gonna cost a bunch because this thing is big and heavy. But, I live around Cincinnati and would be willing to drive somewhere. Let me know if you are interested. I may put these things on E-bay one piece at a time if I have to but I would rather it go as a package. It would just be easier. or P.M. me. You can call me at 513-404-3137 if you want to as well. I'll send you pictures if you want.

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