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  1. hey guys anyone know what are the sympotms of a bad primer bulb
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    It loses pressure

  3. I Bought A New 9.9 Merc Several Yrs Ago...took It Out An Wouldnt Start..took It Back It Started..they Didnt Use The Same Tank That I Had..finally Figured Out The New Primer Bulb Was Bad...first Thing I Would Do Is Spend 5$ And Get A New One///////
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    i had a problem with the primer ball loosing preasure once when you pumped the ball started the engine it would run for a bit then cut out then if you pumped the ball it would run for as long as your hand would last i replaced the ball and it did the same thing it ended up being the cork between the tank and hose was bad i replaced that and it was fine then a few months later same thing so i replaced the cork still same thing it ended up being the gas pump maybe pick up it is a little square thing in side the cover i dont remember :confused: this was on a 9.9 hoped that helped............jim :cool:
  5. I had a similar experience as fishingful.....would prime the bulb run boat for 5-6 miles, stop to fish 15-20 minutes, then start another run. You could put the gas full throttle and the boat went at 1/2 speed.

    New bulb, ran like new ....... took several trips to shop to figure it out.
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    i recomend not buying it at wallyworld. get genuine merc bulb at the dealer.
  7. my problem is, it will start and idle fine, you take off and it will run fine for a little bit, then the rpm starts dropping and it will die, was hopeing it was something simple, its been in the shop and they cant seem to find it
  8. If you pump the bulb will it keep running?
  9. havent tried that, guess ill have to run it up to EF and give it a try one night, thanks to all who have replied
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    look for a possible air leak somewhere in your gas line or even some blockage ,maybe the fuel filter is clogged. if it runs when you pump the ball ,it is prolly losing pressure via an air leak. check also to make sure your gas tank vent is open and free of obstructions. larvae will do that on built in gas tanks!
  11. Only buy a aftermarket primer hose assembly at wallyworld if you absolutely cannot get a stock item for your engine. Yes you will spend more money, but it is worth it. Had mine cut off fuel just before the ball, and it would only let in about 1/4 of enough fuel, just enough to keep it idling well enough. I could see that in the inline fuel filter I had out on it. Only did that cause I thought I had alot of debris in the tank, which wasn't the case. Mine would run fine for an hour and die out, no power at all. You can certainly keep a spare from wallyworld's in your boat, but buy a manufacturer's model and you'll be impressed how well it works.

  12. ok guys, ran the boat lastnight after reading some of the suggestions, started and ran fine wide open for around 10-15 mins, lost power and stalled after that, checked the primer and gave it a squeeze, fired it back up and took off, power picked back up and it ran fine, every now and then id reach back and squeeze the bulb,seemed ok rest of the night
  13. Sounds like it may be time to rebuild the fuel pump.
  14. Buy a new bulb first...sounds like the problem.
  15. my cuz has a 40merc that seems to only go 1/2 speed and never reaching plane hmnmnmn and he says its been like that since it was new...
    any ideas???
    THANKS in advance
  16. My 115 HP Merc. was new when I had the problem........could be the primer bulb.
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    i allways start cheep try the primer first then the tank seal then on from there (tank,gas pump,mechanic) hope this helps.......jim :cool: