pike on killbuck or tuscarawas

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  1. i have caugh a few pike on killbuck creek in wooster, but i only know one place where there is acess to the creek. does anyone know where you can fish killbuck creek. also where to catch pike on the tuscarawras river. any input would be appriciated. thanks.
  2. there are lots of pike at the dam on the tusc river

  3. I live in the wooster area and for the last few years have tried fishing a number of areas around the swamps with little success. I do know a few places to get access if you are interested. As I mentioned I have never done real well, but I know that the fish are there. Right know the water is very high so I'm not sure how that will change the fishing. PM me if you would like a bit more info, I would also be interested in where the spot is that you have fished. I want to try and get out one day this week after work, I will let you know if I do any good.
  4. the water is way high and going to be hard to fish any river or creek .one thing i know about pike they like back flow all the best pike spots i have fished have had a back current close. high water can be good stained muddy water sucks. im jonesin to get back out gona put my boat on piedmont and try for saugy and musky good luck
  5. Reeldirty1, which dam on Tusc.? Dover?
  6. alright thanks guys. i might run down to dover when ever this flood is over.
  7. Hey Wooster Guys , ever try Mohicanville Dam ? They catch them there...........Rich
  8. You guys can catch pike nearly anywhere in the tusc all the way up to Barberton. I grew up in Canal Fulton across the street from the river. I know about 14 miles of that river better than the back of my hand. I have actually caught more pike while not targeting them. They absolutely love the cut creek chubs I put down for the channel cats in the spring on the bottom. I take the chubs and cut them in 2-4 pieces depending on size and I fish them right at the edge of deep undercut banks. I also fish them right at the front (upriver edge) of large log jams in the deeper holes I can find. You can also catch them at the spillway between Lake ave and Cherry st in Massillon. On down from that there are many bridge pilings with scour holes behind them that hold some good fish too. If I'm at the spillway I will take large fatheads or small chubs and mouth hook them with a large splitshot about 1.5' in front of them. Cast this offering out into the rolling white water and let it drift naturally out of the rolling current. You will catch pike, smallies, rockbass, channel cats, and bowfins doing this.
  9. where is mohicanville dam?? just wondering im sure i could find out tho.
  10. Outside Wooster off 95 down by Funk....................Rich
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    i know when i was a kid we used to fish for pike behind the killbuck sportsman club just outside killbuck on st rt 62.
  12. that may be 2 months from now!!! this place is a freaking MESS!!!!!:mad: usually were fishing the river hard this time of the year!!! have no idea when it will be safe to launch....
  13. yea i was afraid of that i saw that tusky valley has school cancelled indefinatly so i figured it was a mess.