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pike nowadays?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by drh146, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. whats the deal with catching pike in the hoga these days? I havnt seen many pike posts since march. I know its probably better around this time of year, but i was just wondering if anyone with experience could tell me if you think i could find any that want to eat?

    preferably in the hoga between kent and cuyahoga falls
  2. I don't really target them, but usually catch at least one while fishing for smallies in the river. They aren't really huge either as far as pike go. They are generally in the 20"-24" range. I caught one on Monday on a cray fish crank bait. I fish a different stretch of river also. Why not try a Rapalla J-11 jointed minnow floater. I've had some good success with those. Hope this helps.

  3. DanAdelman

    DanAdelman getting jigging with it

    i have been too busy with my new boat searching for muskie... But i imagine they are still biting... I think timeing has alot to do with it never had any luck after 2 for pike... suppose they start hitting again at dusk but i like 10-2... try small inlines i was nailing them last year during the dog days...If i get a chance i will give it a shot one morning soon and let you know how i do... I have been itching to get the waders on and i imagine the river is down makes it easy to move around and target them...
  4. with pike being a cool water fish and surface temps probably in the 70's the summer just isnt the time for pike south of the border
  5. Cheesehead Cory

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    I respectfully couldn't disagree more. If these pike had some large body of water to retreat to, the above would be correct. The pike would go deep, scatter, and be hard to find. But we're talking about pike that are trapped between two dams with nothing but skinny water in between here. As cold blooded creatures in warmer water, their metabolism is at it's height in the summer. Thus, they must eat more.

    I haven't tried in a couple weeks, but Vkutsch and I each caught a couple last time we fished that area. In-line and tandem spinnerbaits, stickbaits and buzzbaits got the hits. In checking my fishing log, I see that I caught 3 pike on 6/27/01, and 5 on 7/1/06.