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    I do a some pike fishing in the cuyahoga river with some luck... But with limited time i don't get out that much anymore...I have the best luck between 9-2 and typically don't fish any other time anymore...
    my question is can you still catch pike at night in the rivers? or is dusk good haven't had luck then either...
    If so is it worth it?
    what types of bait do you use? same as day?
    thanks in advance...
  2. This time of year the pike seem to shut down around 4 in the afternoon for me. 10-4 is usually prime right now. In the summer I have caught them before dusk, but most of my summer catches are on cranks or tubes while smallie fishing. I know of a few that have been caught form the Tusc. at night while people were saugeye fishing with jigs. It might be worth a shot when they are really hitting good.

  3. I have caught some nice pike after dark at Mosquito lake and at Westbranch. That was early in the year. Late spring. Trolling Rapala tail dancers with in-line boards. They were caught on the edges of lighted up areas. Parking lots/boat ramps and dam towers.