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  1. does anyone know of any lakes or creeks that produce pike during the summer?
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    I Wish! I think they catch em up @ Grand Rapids during Feb and Mar during spawning. Other than that I know of nowhere in NW OH. However there are many places in Ohio. The closest is probably Muskie Lakes to the east near Mohican State Park, I think it's Clearfork. If you find any closer, let me know, I love to pike fish, but only get to 1 week a year in Canada.

  3. You generally need to go North should you want to catch Pike on a regular basis. The Ann Arbor area has a lot of lakes and they have pike in them but you may or may not catch one when you fish for a day, I would like to think you would but may not. The lakes of the Pickney Game area have some fish and my favorite is South Lake (through the ice) I have seen some very large pike come from that body of water.
    Go further north and they become a pest. Up by the AuSable river impoundments, if you pike fish for the day I would think you would catch 6 to 12 in a day of trolling or casting, with about 2 or 3 being keeper size of 24 inches or better.
    Explore the Unidilla (very close to Hell, MI) area East of Pickney Rec Area. Take US 23 north to Territorial Rd (1st exit N of Ann Arbor) Drive west for about 10 miles there are lakes all around you, take a ride this weekend.
  4. fletchers floodwater in alpena is a good place for pike also.
  5. I wish i could catch one up by the GR dam but it hasnt happened yet. I have heard of a few being caught by the dam a few weeks ago. With all this rain the water clarity has been terrible, i think it would be difficult to target pike. If you know of any creeks that enter the portage river i would give that a try. Also i the tiffin river holds pike but that is bit of a drive. Andrew PM if you wanna head to to the river sometime soon, before we get more rain!!!!
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    several of the lakes in the Irish Hills area in Micigan are over populated with pike.....yea you can usually catch 50+ on alot of days but the biggest might be 24" with alot only being 15"
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    forgot to mention..... i fish the River Raisn streight up Lewis ave. when you hit the river there is a place to pull over, jump in and start wading and walking to the east, i catch hundreds of smallmouth andusually on any given day you will pick up 5 to 10 pike, i have gotten some nice 30"+ pike doing that....all i ever use is an ultra lite rod and reel with a mepps#2, the smallmouth are always under a pound but it is a blast, be prepared for tired arms and a long walk back when you dont realize how far downstream you have gone....lol good luck, give it a try, you wont be dissapointed:B
  8. What does it feel like to get a 30'' pike on the ultra lite ? That would be a hand full.
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    Anybody fish lake St. Clair for pike? Nice place to be if that is what you want. Smallmouth , largemouth , walleye, red ears, gills , pike!
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    it is a blast to catch those pike on ultra lite set up, but it is nice because you can work your way to the fish:B
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    Lake St. Clair has lots of big pike. LOTS. Also, there is a reservoir in PA called Eaton Reservoir. It is INFESTED with pike. Bass fisherman don't even try anymore, they lose half the tackle box!
  12. Mosquito Lake in NE ohio is loaded with nice pike.
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    There is a lake West of Ann Arbor called Portage. I usually get at least 2 or 3 bass fishing on crank baits. Leave your Lucky Crafts home when you go there.
  14. lol i was just at portage lake a few days ago that is what got my wanting to catch pike here. thanks guys