Pike Lake

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  1. Anyone ever fish Pike Lake? I'm taking my wife's 8 younger siblings there on a camping/fishing trip. I expect this isn't the best lake in the state to catch fish, but the campground looks quiet. Anyone know any good spots to bank fish for bluegill, catfish, or bass?

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    For years, when our kids were young, we camped for a week at Pike Lake. It's a great place but I don't have any recent experience to share. Years ago the fishing was mostly for pan fish. I don't remember ever seeing any "serious" fishermen around the shore, only dads, granddads, and kids hunting bluegill.

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    It's a quiet place to get away and relax for sure. My kids loved to fish below the overflow with redworms and a bobber. You might want to check out alderman cementery, up on Greenbriar Rd. just down from JB's campground. Another place worth checking out is JR's amish store. Its down the road by the Marathon station in Bainbridge. also the dentist museum. Oh and don't miss the HUGE antique mall in bainbridge....its like a museum. Oh and one more is the fish hatchery...you can get all the details at the park office. Hope this keeps them busy. Enjoy!
  4. Was there a little over a month ago. You can bank fish about 3/4 of the lake with ease and it looks like you could get over to the rest partially by foot but completely with one of their rental canoes. We tried fishing for a little bit of everything, but didn't catch anything. Couple kids next to us caught 1 small bass. We spent a day over at Paint Creek and had better luck. The campground is great, nice and relaxing.
  5. I hit Pike Lake a few times a year, It's a great place to unwind. The lake was drained a few years back, so there are no big fish in it. But there are lots of gills and LM bass. My biggest LM there last year was 11". It's a great place to take the kids fishing.
  6. that's exactly what I want(a good place for kids). thanks, everyone.