Pike Island Sunday night

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  1. So after hearing GREAT stories about the eyes and getting skunked on Erie I decided to take the 2 hour trip down to Pike Island in search of my Erie sized eye.

    Got there at 11.30 and fished til 4.30. Fish was on as soon as we got there and my buddie pulls out a nice 24incher. Fishing wasnt every cast but at least one every 5-10 min. I pulled dinks all night til we moved and I managed my 24incher as well. Identical to my buddies. The cast right after that landed me a BEAUTIFUL Smallie. I thought it was another eye til it got airborn. I got another nice smallie after that and then that was it. It seemed to shut down at 3 for some reason.

    Saw other guys show up and saw one Wiper landed but it wasnt very big.

    All fish caught were 8-24 and we did get a few nice 15-17inchers. All fish released except for the two big ones.

    I want to make another trip but 2 hours is too long for me.


    I cant tell the diff between a saugeye or sauger so sorry if im wrong.
  2. I fished PI both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon/evening. Saturday's bite was reportedly an afternoon bite with the minnow being key. I caught several fish right away on shad body plastics and a few on jerkbaits. The bite faded quickly after dark to the point the fish wouldn't even take a minnow.

    Sunday afternoon was pretty slow as I was searching for active fish with my plastic shad baits. The fish seemed to be concentrated around the pier and willing to take spoons, plastics, etc. until dark. I managed one 5#3oz walleye on a swim bait. I was actually looking to catch one of those big wipers the other guys were catching...Once again, the bite got incredibly slow after dark and even a minnow didn't solve the mystery. We left around 9:30pm.

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    Can't tell 100% but beleive that your fish is a saugeye. Not sure though....