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Pike Island Smallies

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by redone29, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Anyone been catching any smallmouth at Pike Island? Been up there a couple times this spring and had no luck at all. Years past June was always the best time I had up there. Caught a lot of nice ones. Let me know.
  2. yo still waiting 4 the river 2 calm down a little !!!
    looked still a little muddy this mornin when i went by .
    did find a few up the creek the last couple of days nothing big by fun on lite stuff been catching them on 1/16 oz heads an 2'' rootbeer tails an my pals been using a little rapala minnow :D

  3. Yeah i'm still waiting for the river to calm down. I just drove up to Ferry and it did look muddy still. I haven't spent nearly enough time up there this year to see how the fishing has been. Only cause the river has been a mess so far this year. If it ever settles down i'll start hitting it more. Hit Mcmahon's Creek yesterday and only caught 6 between two of us. Usually catch alot there on tubes but we were trying topwater.