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Pike Island Sat.

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by bassman23, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. bassman23

    bassman23 Da Fishpimp

    CheeseheadCory,my buddy, and I fished Pike Sat. from about 1pm till 1am. Hot all day and more boat traffic than I have ever seen down there. Water was low with barely any current. All in all it was a lousy day of fishing, we were using shad and tried just about every spot we could think of. Only caught a couple of cats and a sauger. The only thing that made the trip worthwhile was an eel Cory caught right before we left. I had never seen one except in pictures and had no idea they could make it that far up the river. Pretty cool looking.


    Cory with the eel.

    Just the eel.
  2. i had no idea eels were in the river .are they poison??do they bite

  3. Cheesehead Cory

    Cheesehead Cory Displaced Person

    I doubt they're poisonous, didn't see any noticeable teeth, but when you touch them they go completely nuts, thrashing about and tieing themselves into knots - pretty freaky!

    I caught this salt water eel in the Bahamas that had big eye teeth and snapped at anything that came near it. :eek: Apologies for the poor pic of the eel.

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  4. I've seen a few eels come out of the river, but they're not poisonous and they don't bite.