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  1. I fished Pike Island Saturday and caught 12 sauger, all caught at dark. I seen two boats out in the river, my questions are: Is there a close ramp to launch and does anyone do any good for sauger, walleye, and white bass or hybrids in this area from a boat this time of year. I know you cannot go up to the dam, but how far can you go. The one boat was near the lock wall.


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    Closest ramp would be at Wheeling Island just a few miles downstream.I don't fish this time of year(can't get out of treestand)but can guarantee you all those species can be caught from a boat,there is alot of under water structure out there if you know what your looking for.
    I catch alot of whites,sauger,hybrids in that area in the spring,and know plenty of people who do in the fall as well(just not me).
    There should be a series of marker bouys which go from the end of the lock wall at a slight angle toward the downstream side of the fishing pier at the dam(they remove them in the winter I think).
    Rule of thumb is to not go in any farther than the end of the lock wall,but you can get up the Ohio side a good ways. Look for the remnants of an old metal frame that stands about 15ft in the air.There used to be a sign on it which said NO Boats Beyond This Point!
    The sign got washed away in the flood of 04 but the frame is still there.

  3. Their is a launch ramp in at rayland marina.