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Pike Island question

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by gar, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. gar


    I am just wondering if anybody knows of any stockings that have took place in the last year or two,I have been fishing up there for the last few weeks and Ive only caught a few dink walleyes,2 small channel cats,snagged a carp and caught a 37 inch pike,and not a striper or white bass yet.Where are all the stripers gone?
  2. hey gar been fishing below the dam 4 more than 25 yrs an i think most of the stripes that get stocked are taken out of there by the buckets :( when there
    small an will eat anything that moves !!!!!!!!!u try 2 tell them that the stripes can't get 10lbs if u eatem when they are 1lber's but 2 many peeps out there think there whites an in the bucket they go :eek:
    alot of out of towners come with that if it hits the bait,it's going on the plate
    i an everybody else who fish'es there know's who we r talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fishing 4 whites has been kinded of slow in the last few yrs aleast from me an a couple of others who fish there alot.
    we've have seen each other there am sure of it we just don't know it yet lol lol
    i've fished on the pier an walked them there ankle killer rocks below the dam
    4 many a yr,an we have crossed paths before am sure :)
    ps send me a pm an tell me what u look like an i'll do the same ,an we will but a face 2 the name my friend

  3. Hey when does the cats started biting thier at the dam. I was thinking about heading down thier this past weekend but wasnt sure if it would be worth my time for the drive down. thanks for any input.
  4. don't waste your time bro its flooding this weekend cresting 2morror!
    was about 15ft think its around 25 now going 2 about 28 i think, well below flood stage at 37 in steubenville.
    ps caught them as early as feb all on water temp
  5. paco


    mrtwister_jbo i wonder if we have crossed paths down there . i've been fishing that dam for the past 3 to 4 years . i usually go alone but once in a while take my son or granddad . can't miss when i'm down there , i drive a bright yellow dakota 4x4 .
    only person i ever talked to down there is the old man with the cane that always uses hopkin spoons . guess i'm alittle backwards and quite .
  6. big_fish

    big_fish the fish whisperer

    all right guys I have to confess the reason there are no fish down there is because I'm there they are either afraid or I have the pat mcmanus effect on the place :( I think there scared lol Paco I have seen the truck down there but not sure what you look like you cant miss mr twister jbo he is the one usualy with the fish on just watch the end of all the lines he didn't get his name by throwing poppers lol :D :D tight lines big_fish
  7. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Does anyone know a Mr. Yonda who fishes the Pike Island Dam?

    I met him a few years ago fishing the dam and he gave me some hints on smallmouths and what lures to catch them on.
    I called him in April the next spring and he gave me several hundred tube jigs of various sizes, a few hundred sinkers of various sizes and types and a few crankbaits.
    We went out of Steubenville in his boat and did pretty good on the smallies.
    I like to call him, shoot the bull and see how he's doing.
    He was an older guy-late sixties/early seventies.
    Real nice person. He was a regular at the dam in Yorkville.
  8. gar


    Inever gave it to much thought about the people who keep the white bass or stripers.I have seen a decline in the stripers and white bass in this area. i can remember catching 100 -150 whitees and stripers a day at my honey hole just a few miles south of the dam. I haved watched schools of stripers and whitees grow from 5 inches to 12 inches or better in 9 months time. it was like that evry year for quite some time. then it seemed like once december hit they would just disappear.But the following april they would be back in there at 3-5 inches size. I would always wade there and i would be standing in big dark clouds of them.Catching 3 at a time when they were little,but needless to say they havent had that pattern for 2 or three years now and i am wondering what the heck happened.Now Ive caught my share of them at pike Island in the past but yet this year I havent even seen one caught.Ive fished pike island dam for 25 years now and im sure i have bumped into a few of you guys.My name is steve and im from martins ferry and been fishing religisly since i was a teenybopper I also enjoy making tackle such as weedless bananna head jigs,Blakemore roadrunners,little georges,sonars,spoons,bucktails,sinkers of every shape and size, if anyone is interested in anysinkers let me know i have plenty of lead to fill anyones order lol.I used to use strata spoons up the dam years ago,what a fun way of fishing that was.You dont see many people fishing with them much anymore.I may have to try them out soon.