pike island-first day out this season

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Oldguy1, May 4, 2008.

  1. launched from wheeling island,fished from 7am. till 2 pm.fishing was a little slow,water was a little higher than i like.my partner Dan and i caught,2 channel cats about 6-7lbs.1 flat head 4lbs.6 or 7 sauger couple nice ones 16"-17.5'' ,2 little smallmouth,2 white bass,1 wiper 13''2 walleye both nice fish one was 20'' and my personal best from the river a 25''er.and last but not least a 5lb.very angry snaged carp,that once landed went absolutly nuts and tangled the net in every dang thing there was to tangle.(hate when that happens!)lesson i cant seem to learn, keep the boat deck ship shape!
    My newly constructed 6' med. action spin rod built on a lamiglass blank worked like a charm,and is my new fave.I am curently building a 6' med.heavy spin rod on a g.loomis blank for Dan ,should be done for our next outing.should be a nice light MH rod.