Pike Island by kayak - 11/4

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Cheesehead Cory, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Cheesehead Cory

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    Paddled the river with Cheezemm2 and Vkutsch yesterday. River was low and clear with very little current, which combined with an upriver wind made boat position difficult during the afternoon hours. We fished from around 12:30 till 8:15 and caught somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 channels and a couple sauger to boot. The flatheads apparently had other dinner arrangements.

    Had a lot of fish just pecking at the bait, which gets frustrating after a while, but hooksets are free. All fish (but one?) caught on cut shad. Bite was best just after dusk. I think Vkutsch may have a couple pics.
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    Didn't realize it until last night (hot water)...further up from the thumb tip, the top tooth pad must've gotten the top of my kunckle!%

    I told you, that fish was straight from $%#@...

    I had a channel cat that refused to talk, but instead just let out a loud haaaahiisssss!

    Any opinions from the other catters why the flatties were shut down? Water temp/cold front?

  3. Cheesehead Cory

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    My first suspicion would be lack of current. My lesser theory is that they can tell fresh from frozen and turned up their noses at our frozen offering. Flatheads can be finicky.
  4. vkutsch

    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    Here's the only pic I took, one of the better channels Cory caught.
  5. Maybe the flatties weren't interested in shad that night. I've been down there with you before when they only hit skipjack.
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    What archman said is very true. I'm am(was) a big Cut Shad guy, started fishing Pike Island this yr. and been down there 5 times. All the Flats wanted there was Skipjack. I did have lots n lots of FRESH Shad but they did not want it at all.

    If fact I'd seen my first Flat(approx. 24#s) caught in fast water, on a spoon that imitates a Skip there.