Pike Island by kayak - 10/28

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Cheesehead Cory, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Cheezemm2 and I hit the river again yesterday, 2:30p-7:15p. We caught 27 channels and 3 flatheads on cut shad. Had several doubles, pretty tricky landing one cat while your other rod is going nuts in the kayak. Fastest action I've had on the river in quite some time. Flatheads weren't very big, but a few of the channels were in the 10 lb. range.
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    What Cory fails to mention is that he was literally in the zone...

    I had several issues throughout the day, an anchor that wouldn't grab, a breakoff, fish in the anchor rope, and one very, very, stupid DOH' moment.

    Yes, we caught 30 fish in 5 hours...that's a fish every 10 minutes!

    However, Cory caught 22 of them while I fiddled around. I'm sure I heard some people laughing saying he looks like a monkey trying to ........ and something about a football:D

    Some cool things:

    1) We caught channels exclusively all day long at one stop and not a single flatty...I did have something big on here (breakoff) but it was running way TOO fast to be a flattie (Wiper or Big Channel)...the next spot we went to we only caught flatties, no channels...it's generally always been mixed in my experience
    2) For cats, I usually tie the sinker directly to the line, but the tapping bite was a good indicator I should've switched to a slip rig (They'd feel the extra weight and just drop it)

    The DOH moment, thank God it was dark and I'm the only witness...

    When you're in a yak or any other boat for that matter, the current will move you from side to side a little as you're anchored...however...do not only pay attention to the rod in the right rod holder. If the yak starts to turn left it might be a good idea to check to see if the rod is loading up (probably a nice flattie)...I realized it wasn't the current after the yak was turned a full 90 degrees and starting to go downstream a little, mind you this took a good 10-15 seconds to happen...I reached for the rod and it was already too late, he spit it out after feeling the weight. All I could think about was the scene from Jaws when the boat gets turned sideways when they tie him off to the cleats...DOH!