Pike in the Hoga

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  1. We have had some success with pike in the Hoga, usually in September and October. I have some time off later this week and wanted to try in the dead of summer. Am I wasting my time? I put my boat in at eldon russell.
  2. iv been thinkin about doing the same thing this weekend.... where is eldon russell?

  3. No! You are not wasting your time!
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    please tell me more on this excursion in the upper hoga, and where to launch a canoe. a good locale for pike and bass. not going to keep anything, just gonna take pics. you guys refering over by 422 and ladue area? whats a sure fire way to hook up with some toothy critters?
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    big shiners under floats behind logjams, the bigger the jam the better. if a pike is there you usually wont be waiting more than 10-15min.
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    it should be good up that way the river is up as of today the pike should be active and hungry,a good place for smaller water craft ..LOCATION-east on 422 past la due to 1st rd on left rapids rd go approx- 4 miles or so will see sign to entrance to park after you cross bridge creek the outflow of the dam of l due,weekends get busy there with camp hi canoe dropping folks off up there ,i,d go on a weekday if possible,it,s isolated up there so don,t leave anything in your car for the you know whos.never heard of anything happening to cars but nowadays you can,t be sure...
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    i caught 5 in an afternoon by myself a few days ago spinners spoons and rapala jerk baits... lost the biggest one i have seen it was over 40 just saw it slash a big jerk bait but couldn't get it hooked up even with 9 hooks hanging from my bait... O well that is what is making me go out again today... I don't notice a big difference in the summer in the river as the season goes on... I would actually say the summer they seem just as active... I would say fish between 10-2 maybe start as early as 7 if you want a long day. I have caught countless pike with very strong releases. I have never used live bait no reason to and i think it is boring to watch a bobber in the same area when there is so much river to cover. I guess if you have plenty of beer it could be ok.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Fred Fuller produced a few pike for me this past weekend.

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    is there any place to fish the hoga for pike on foot?

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    Fred Fuller Park/Kramer Ball Fields.

    Plenty of walking access in that area in Kent.