Pike fishing Tips from shore

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    I will keep it simple so no one gets upset. If your a die hard shore fisherman like myself then you have already developed a deep patience level. When looking for early season pike you must keep several things in mind. Temp, Structure, wind, and presentation. Locating structure is a key factor that i have used over the years to catch alot of trophy fish. Once you locate structure you must know what presentations will work to provoke a strike. Try making long cast past the target and retrivieing past the structure all the way back to the bank.

    Don't give up for alot of pike strike right when you think its too late. It will scare the hell out of you if your fishing for them at night. You can't see your bait and then right when you reel it up to the bank a big 30 plus inch pike comes right up and flashes trying to get the lure. Im talking within 7 foot or so of your feet. Its exciting. But remember to make alot of casts back to the same target to make sure the pike has a visual on the lure. sometimes i will miss a fish and continue to cast right back where he was before and that will entice the second strike.

    Once you have the fish hooked try and play him some drag since they will make sudden dashes and runs. But also, try and have some heavy duty equipment so you don't get taken down in the weeds and lose a trophy fish. I lost a 40 icher yesterday on 8 pound test, I had my medium action rod and I hooked up with this fish and he took me down on the bottom back in his weed bed and i started seeing weeds and mud all coming to the surface. I kept pressure on the fish but my equipment couldn't help me with him down in the bed.. He shook off down there and did'nt see him again. Ill get him in a day or so.. Good luck guys keep these things in mind and you will be fine..
  2. Ditto. Very informative. Let us know when you get that 40" pike.

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    what body of water are you catching that many pike in? i have caught a few from the tusc river but none from cleveland area.
  4. This kid is cracking me up!!!!!
  5. "...cool story, Hansel."

    --Finnish Elf, Zoolander
  6. Thanks for the tip, I have never caught one.. i dont know if i would want to .. i would prolly pee my pants
  7. You Da Man....thats factual. Now that you have fishing mastered you should start writting books about it
  8. I wondered how much meat he got from the 10 inch bass in his slide show.
  9. good point jim but than again you have to be one of the best muskie people on this site that i have saw you always seem to be hooking in to them i have to work my but off just to git a muskie i have only caught like 4 in my life then saying that i am onlky 14 so w/e
  10. It's easy to know the weight of a fish without measurements....they all have "scales". :)
  11. That is enough of the macho, "who's better than who" posting. It is quite clear that some of you don't see eye to eye on a lot of these threads but we will not let this turn in to a bickering session between a bunch of guys.

    Guys if you don't like someone's post then move on to another post that you find more pleasing. It is as simple as that. We don't need to turn the moderating into babysitting.

    So let's put an end to calling others out as liars, questioning each other's harvest practices, and challenging each other to a face-to-face whatever. We are here to discuss fishing.
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    I think when someone starts a thread providing their "expertise" on fishing, it is obviously going to cause some commotion. This is not the first time, and I doubt it will be the last. And aren't harvesting practices fishing related??? When someone displays, numerous times, small ten inch fish in coolers, that too will create a lot of commotion.
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    Y'know what? At least the man is posting something. If it's not up your alley,
    forget about it. There are people here that can use his info and it might make them a better fisherman. I've never bashed anybody on this board except in jest and good fun. If ya wanna bicker like old men, go to the steelhead site.

    Y'know what else? If it was sunny and warm out, I'd bet half these posts wouldn't be here 'cause you'd all be fishing...
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    Can't we all just get along? I think you guys are getting bent over nothing. Factual is a young guy and I think youth deserves a little patience. Sooner or later most mature. His bragadocio threads aren't as bad as Jguts childish attacks. We all know now what to expect with these threads, so if you click on it and don't like it......well you asked for it. I'm sure that some of the younger, inexperienced members find some of his threads informative. There is pleanty of young, and old, guys here that shore fish due to a lack of a boat. Thats all Factual seems to do and he may well be offering helpfull advice and reports. Some of us have spent so much time on our 'house mortgage' boats weve forgotten what its like to have to search for fish from shore. Lets not go a-hole on this kid.
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    I am putting the boat in the water next week so i will be out after the walleye around the crib. We have 4 charters already booked up and need to start scouting these fish. I think we might do quite well from bratenahl to downtown cleveland. in 35 foot of water. I will post results. ..
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    Are you going to be trolling for Walleye?
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    Looks like several of you didn't read the moderators request? Please enough is enough. If you don't agree then don't post it's that easy.
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    When charter fishing its always best to keep the customer happy. When they are paying for a trip they expect to catch fish fast. so we will be doing watever will put fish in the boat the fastest and watever pleases the customer. Thats my opinion and thats what usually works the best..