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Pike Fishing - Ontario, Canada (w/pics)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by yankee, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Just got back from a lake near Parry Sound. The pike fishing was on fire. Took my nephew and brother up with me. Hooked up with a couple friends from NAA and had a blast. Everyone caught pike. I plan on have a fish fry or two over the next few days:) . If you go take some chartruse/white crank baits and a white spinner bait or two;) :)

    My nephew(left), brother(middle) and me:)


  2. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    great looking fish, any lodging info?

  3. I don't stay at a lodge up there LittleKing. I know the area and lakes around Muskoka and Parry Sound fairly well and just drive up and stay at a little motel in Huntsville. Any of the lakes around Huntsville can be good pike fishing. Vernon, Penn and Fairy Lake to name a few. All easy access.
  4. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    Another great outing up north it appears! Nice looking pike you have there...fat and when is that fish fry? Did I mention pike is one of my favorites!!!
  5. The outings just get better and better with experince fugarwi7:) I find the pike has a better taste and texture then walleye. Their just a little harder to clean:) Good eye too, these pike are chunky. There's plenty for them to eat and stay healthy iin this lake.
  6. Thnaks for the report Yankee. I'm heading up to Oba lake (north of Slt. St. Marie) in a month. Hope they are on fire then too....
  7. Stoshu, glad you enjoyed the post. With the hot weather the large ones are heading deeper. Two weeks ago when I was up there they were shallow. This past weekend they started getting deeper as the weather warmed.

    By the time you go in a month they may well be very deep. Think pike floats and live suckers down deep. As they get lazy and go deep when it gets hot.
  8. wow nice fish thoose are some wall hangers i bet it was a blast
  9. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Wow! Nice fish. You are the man Yankee. Those gators dont stand a chance. They look fat and mean to me. Looks like they could put up a hella battle with shoulders like that.
  10. Very nice pike. I still cant understand it when guys from up north complain about catching pike? I'm with you guys on the taste also, I love them. My last trip to MN we caught them and cooked them over the camp fire in the skillet with a little butter and lemon pepper, was some of the best fish I've ever had.
  11. Hey PS!! I was wondering where you were. I almost got out of the house the other day and going to call you for a try at those muskies on Alum. But the wife thought of something for me to do. Are you going up on Aug. 11th? Lots of pike lakes nearby.

    Ain’t that the truth Twistertail. That’s an excellent way to cook them.
    The meat has better texture and a very good flavor without the fishy taste. Much better then walleye to me. Whenever I have a fish fry the pike goes way before the walleye. You just have to know how to clean them. Lots of bones but with a little practice it not hard.

    FISHNASTY The Catfather

    I had a fish fry last September after returning from Ontario. My father-in-law sat there telling us how terrible pike taste. He kept calling them northern carp. He sat there killing all the "walleye" I could put on his plate constantly asking if it was pike before he'd eat it. He put away like 5 or 6 big fillets before we filled him in. He sat there stunned, then informed us he really didn't like the fish and was only eating so much to be polite.
  13. I had a blast the one time I made it up to Canada and the Pike were a very large part of it, we went up for the Smallmouth and Walleyes but in short order I found out where the real action was at, those things hit dang near anything you threw at them, they educated me early though I lost 3 spinnerbaits in the first 30 minutes giants..just fish who have teeth and know how to use them, I bought some steel leaders the next morning:eek: :p
  14. Great fishing report and discussion! I also enjoy the taste of pike better than walleye. I'm going for a fresh taste of pike in Remigny Quebec soon and I'm pumped. As far as steel leaders, I gave them up a few years back for snap swivels on cranks or spoons and direct tie for spinnerbaits and have lost damn few snot rockets. They never seem to get the hole crank or 3" spoon in their mouth. Swallowing a spinner bait seems hard to do. If they start swallowing, then I switch over to good quality leaders of 6" to 9". I do try to keep tension on the line, especially at the boat, so they don't turn and cut the line with the sharp gills. I also re-tie occasionally with attention to knotting without stressing the line and always test the end of the line with a goof tug after netting a keeper or attempting to land some granite or birch.
  15. I agree with Ohiojmj about the use of leaders. I have done nearly a dozen trips to Canada and can recall very, very few times where I suspected that I may have been cut off. I think more often I have been guilty of carelessness and did not retie after landing a few fish or a battle with a bigger fish. Each time I slap myself for not doing it.:rolleyes:

    I agree that if they are taking the lures deeper then you are at more of a risk but for the most part when I am targeting pike I am working a lure on a pretty tight line and they don't get much of a chance to inhale the bait. The largest majority of the fish are hooked in the mouth and nowhere close to a deep hook. The biggest difference in the pike and the muskie that makes a leader more necessary is that the muskie have a much more prominent and sharp gill plate.
  16. Fishnasty, that’s usually the reaction I get from people who try pike the first time…stunned. I like to coat and fry the pike fillets in Olive oil. With a side of fried potatoes and baked beans.

    I have to disagree on the leader option. I don’t like the steel leaders but I do try and use 80# fluorocarbon leaders I make myself for pike.

    I fish Ontario at least a dozen times a year for the past 20 years and I’ve had many pike cut the line when fishing for bass using cranks or spinner baits without a leader. FL makes it easy and there’s really no reason not to use one and every reason too. I’m never had a problem with the gill plate.

    The bigger (even little ones) they are the more likely they’ll cut that line if you don’t use a leader. Like this one my wife caught.
  17. I guess like Im still getting a education on Pike fishing, hopefully I will be able to use it one day soon:)

  18. I might be convinced to try some flouro leader for trolling since i use them on Erie, but for casting cranks, I like the cleaner action of direct tie or swivel over a heavier leader that sinks the floater. I've not seen a 4" minnow inhaled. At times, the spoons are a close call. Maybe I got luck over the years, but like BKR admitted, I also take the blame for most cut lines because I got lazy in the Canadian water after several hours or days of yanking pike. that laziness can get you if you don't re-tie the frayed line or Further , I have no fear of losing a lure. I'll toss anywhere at risk if that's where the fish are. for that reason, I bring a several extras of my go-to lures [floating minnows, spinnerbaits, mepps, Williams Wablers (I bring ten extra hammered silver 1/2 oz since so dependable)]. In the end, if I lose one big pike to a cut, I'll be back to steel leaders in a heart beat.....
  19. I have actually thought about using flourocarbon leaders at times and I just may choose to do that some. Like you mentioned there is not much reason not to as the flouro is pretty much not noticed. Perhaps on some lures it would stiffen it to the point of altering the presentation but mostly not. I guess the biggest reason I have never done so is because I have never needed to. I have picked up a few over the years getting into the range of the one Yankee's wife caught but most of them are in the range of the eaters they have in the pictures.
  20. I'm still learning Smallmouth Crazy:)

    First good luck on your trip up north to Camps Ronoda Ohiojmj. It’s very exciting for sure. Good luck, have a safe trip and catch lots of fish.

    I can understand why you don’t want to use a leader. But I’ve learned over the years to use a leader and modify it to get that direct connection feel.

    Personally I don’t want to risk losing a trophy pike or worse have it swim away with a lure in it’s mouth when there’s no need too.

    Seguar 80# fluorocarbon line is flexible. Using a Canoeman knot you can easily tie to any swivel or direct to the crank/spinner bait.

    The canoeman is on the left with the tag down and the Polomar is on the right with the tag up.

    I don’t think a pike would have trouble inhaling a 4” bait fish, I do know they don’t have a problem with a 12“ walleye. They’ll sometimes snack on the walleye, hook, sinker and all before you can boat them.

    They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. I’ll let this one I took on the Montreal speak for itself. Pass me the flexible 80# fluorocarbon leader please....:)