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  1. I want start fishing for Pike and Muskie, and would like some info on what type and size of rods, reels, ect... I need to get started.
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    Het has five threads in the marketplace with all the lures you need to get started. Contact him maybe he'll work you a package deal.
    Read sometime back he was cleaning out his basement,maybe he has some reels and sticks he hasen't found yet.

  3. You can get a good combo for $130 - $150. Basspro Pete Maina combo is good for the money. I would get a rod that is at least 7' 6" long.

    Line - Braided line in 65lb to 80lb test. Power Pro, Cortland, Tuff Line are all good.

    Get a small selection of lures to start with. Bucktails, Crankbaits, Topwater. Should be a good "starter set".

    You will need a large net with a treated bag. Frabill, Stowmaster, Beckman all make good ones.

    Long needle nose pliers 11" or so.

    Long curved needle nose pliers.

    Mini bolt cutters for cutting hooks. Knipex makes a great set.

    Jaw spreader.

    If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
  4. Rollie & Helens sells starter packages I believe. They have a real nice web site. Just Google Rollie & Helens and you can get there. They also sell all of the muskie/pike tackle you will ever need.
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    Just thought I would give some input. When I first started muskie fishing, Steve Jonesi told me at a seminar to buy one natural color of each lure, and one "hot" color. This has improved my success rate in the long run and kept a crapload of extra lures out of my boat. For example, buy one black, brown, or perch color bucktail, and one hot color like orange or firetiger. Good luck, and make sure to read up on proper catch and release of muskies. They're a lot more sensitive than people think.
  6. Thanks guys for all of your help. Once I get my gear I'll be hitting you guys up for the best places to fish these guys. Thanks again.

  7. If you're looking for a good deal on a Abu Garcia 5600CB or C5, look in the Cabelas.com bargain cave.....Although Cabela's doesn't mention it, if you go to the Abu Garcia website you can print out a form for a $10 or $15 rebate.

    Happy Hook'in