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  1. We are heading to ontario in a couple of weeks and have been told that there are sme big pike where we are going.I have never fished for them before .Any advice?
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    Where in Ontario?

  3. Use either small muskie lures and/or large bass lures.

    Spinnerbaits, Husky Jerks, Mepps inline spinners (bucktails).

    If the water is stained concentrate on bright colors, but don't overlook black.
    If clear water use natural colors and/or dark colors.

    Make sure you have a few good leaders and use 30lb - 50lb braided line.

    If there is good weed growth fish the edges. (inside, outside, and top)
  4. when i was up in canada last i caught alot of fish on bendbacks(fly rod) and a ton of fish 22-34in(not a big fish lake) on swimbaits, jig and sluggo or a 4-6 inch swimbait are my favorites for #'s
    just my experience im no expert on pike
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    Anything perch colored. I catch a lot of 24-34 in pike in the shallows on Storm Thundersticks (original). When fishing deeper or for bigger pike I like Super Shad Raps. And ditto to everything Weatherby said.
  6. In addition to the above, try bass spinnerbaits with white or chartruese skirts and modified Rattletraps.

    Take the hooks off the Rattletraps. Replace the belly hook with a larger hook, like a #2 Eagle Claw. Replace the tail hook with a snap swivel and a small colorado or willowleaf blade. Try hammered nickel blades or even colored blades.

    Pull the Rattletraps slow and steady and make sure you use a quality steel leader.

    Have a set of jaw spreaders handy and a good set of needlenose pliers so you can safely release your pike.

    I'd also try some 3/4 ounce Daredevil spoons in firetiger. Again I'd upsize the hook a bit to get a better hookset.
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    Depending on how far north you go, some waters may just be after ice out...if that is the case, any shallow, weed oriented flat will hold pike...fish shallow lures like in-line spinners (Mepps are my favorites #3-#5 white w/ chrome blade or black squirrel with chrome blade) or spoons like Dardevle's (Red/White), Mepps Cyclops (Red ladder back on Chrome) or my favorite, Chrome Red-Eye's. Also try Rapala #18 Perch for cranks...this selection will pull fish off weeds up to about 12 FOW, trolling or casting, so even if you don't go too far into Ontario, this is still a pretty versatile mix of lure offerings, especially if you add in the bass type spinner baits. It is fairly early in the season up north so the weeds will still be brown and sparse, with some newly emerging growth...should be a good time to go up there...HOWEVER, definitely take a bug net and long sleeve shirts...the black flies will have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. GOOD LUCK!
  8. Thanks for the help.I went to cabelos today and stocked up on some bigger lures than what i am used to.We are heading to a place around port loring so it is pretty far north.Hope the water is right for a big one.I will let yall know how it goes.
  9. Where near Port Loring? Do you know the names of the lakes? I fish that area every summer.
  10. I'd also recommend Williams Wabler spoons in hammered silver and gold, 1/2 or 3/4 oz. It's my go to pike lure up in Canada. I cast/troll near weed edges or bull rush and over sparse cabbage, especially near some deep water for my early July treks north of Kipawa. I bring a at least a dozen each for myself and sons. Not sure if mentioned, but good old fashioned spinner bait in the slop can be productive at times.

    I'm leaving for Quebec in a few weeks and now you got me thinking I need to go home and make a shopping list for Cabelas!
  11. The best advise is to go perch fishing, eat the big ones and use the smaller ones, under 7" and fish with those under a bobber. But here's the catch in some parts of Canada it is illegal, so check the regs....but that's what has always worked for my neighbor across the street. His family owns a cabin up there and have fished for them w/ success for many years by using this method.