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  1. I need some pigeons. Anyone got any or know where i can get some. The pup needs a little tuning up before I run her in another trial. Thanks
  2. Look at Gundog Forum.com Someone near Toledo is selling pigeons.

  3. I have some breeders for sale. I will have young birds by may. The guy on gundogforum got his birds from me. All the breeders I have for sale have been raced out to 300 miles as young birds. These are very nice birds. I just have too many. $6.00 ea.
  4. I have some adult birds (breeders) that I would be willing to give away for free if you come pick them up. They are located in Glouster, Ohio.
  5. Where's Glouster?
  6. Glouster is in Southeast Ohio, about 15 Miles north of Athens.
  7. Glouster is close to the Rocky Boot store and Outlet, if you want to make a day of it.......................
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