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Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Bluefinn, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Anyone ever cook a whole pig? Would like to try it for a party . Maybe like a 100lber . On a spit or in the ground . I know theres a lot of different ways to do it. Wich would be the quickest ? Thanks for any replies.
  2. I have a rack made of 2 sides like an H,then used chicken wire to cover frame. We split the hog in half lengthwise, lay side by side, wire rack halves together with wire, build a fire with hickory wood and get some hot coals goin. We stack concrete blocks to make 4 pedestals about 3' high. baste the hog with melted butter and garlic, pour a beer or two on every now and then. Turn hog every half hour, keep a good bed of coals, add wood to raise temp or let fire die down, you don't want to cook it too fast, will take 4-5 hrs if done slowly. I promise this will melt in your mouth, SHEW, can almost taste it !:eek: Takes a little to make the racks, but they will last forever. A few of us pitched in on the cost and share the use. Mike

  3. I have done somewhere around 25 pigs in the last 15 years; maybe more. Grew up on a 940 acre full service hog farm and remain freinds with a couple large hog farmers today.

    In the beginning we tried the open air cooking using rod iron racks (never did the spit thing). We cooked the hog whole and we basted and turned, etc.. We used 140-160 pounders. We did this 2 times and although good (how could it not be!) it was too dry for our liking. We found in order to cook the hams completely the rest of the meat was being over cooked.

    Next time we cut the hog into pieces - basically cut the loins, tenderloins, spare ribs and short ribs (together), front shoulders, hind legs. We double wrapped everything seperately in heavy duty foil and cooked in this fashion and had much better results. You can moniter each cut & the foil holds in the moisture. LEAVE THE SPARE RIBS AND SHORT RIBS OUT AND COOK SEPERATELY!!!! The ribs just always seem to get overcooked no matter how hard you try in our experience - it is too hard to gauge the amount of heat and ribs need to be cooked slow and low. We ruined some good eatin' before opting to give it up and grill them later.

    After the 3rd or 4th one, we took a 350 gallon oil tank and on old 12 ft. jon boat trailer and made a roaster like you see all over the place. That is the ticket because it holds in the heat and we know what temperature it is. We just did a 150lb hog 2 weekends ago for a family baby shower and it cooked in 3 hours.

    I would suggest cutting the hog up and wrapping in the foil regardless of how you go; just holds in the moisture the best and will allow you to cook each cut properly. And as far as pound of meat from live weight use the 50/50, 60/40 method and it is close. We got about 70 lbs out of the 150 lb hog; you should expect to get 40-50 lbs from a 100 pounder (including rib meat).

    I've never had a "bad" hog - Good luck!
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    I do it every Labor day weekend. Usually a pig around 140# along with a whole round of beef 60# on the same spit. My cooker will hold that much. Cook with mostly hardwood only a little charcoal. Takes about 7-8 hours. It is a fully enclosed rotiser stlye cooker, On a trailer the whole thing.
    What ever way you do it block the wind and use a meat therometer to check for doneness !!!! Very Important !

    Good luck PM me if you need more ideas please !! Wojo
  5. Your in ne Ohio, I'm in Canton. If you contact Strasburg meets they will sell you a pig and with a deposit they will let you use the rotisiore grill on a trailer. Buy about 150lbs of charcoal.
  6. I was at a party once where they cooked a whole pig in the ground. They got the pit good and hot...coals and rocks, then they put some sort of green wood over it, then the pig covered in a wet blanket that had to be re wetted now and then. It took hours and wasnt quick by any means but seemed to be a lot of fun to those who cooked and I can tell you that it tasted great. So its not the quickest way you are looking for but could be a lot of fun and you could go through a lot of beers while its cooking :)