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Pig and Jig

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by big black jeep, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. This may sound stupid but how do you fish with these? I have heard people talk about using these and doing really well with them. I have never seen anyone use it but if they work well i would want to give them a try. thanks Phil
  2. soua0363

    soua0363 Master of Nothing

    I have never used them but I have seen people using it just a jig. Drop it to your desired location and work it off the bottom or bouncing it off the bottom.

  3. I use them a lot,in spring and fall,they're deadly in shallow wood cover,and in summer I bounce them on deep humps,and deep points.In timber,I always look for the thickest brush I can find that still has at least 2' depth.I'll drop the jig down right smack in the middle of the brush,wherever there's an opening.At first,I let the jig rest on the bottom for a few seconds,then I'll make a couple subtle hops,then rest on bottom again.If there's a bass in there,believe me,they can't resisit the temptation of an easy meal right in front of them.Wherever you fish them,in whatever season,always remember SLOW is the keyword.
  4. Thanks guys I will have to give them a try.