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  1. Fished piedmont last saturday and tuesday for bass did great,also had a musky follow about 34 in. on buzzbait and caught 2 on same buzzer 20 and 25 both in shallow less than 4 foot hope this helps any musky hunters out there
  2. Outstanding man. I guess I should be fishing peidmont rather than complaining about the walleyes out of vermilion.

  3. Buzz


    I live in Ga. But may be moving to Dillonvale,Ohio. Is there a Horsepower limit on the lakes up there? ie Piedmont, Clendeing, Tappon, etc
  4. tappan is 299 saltfork is unlimited I believe.There were talks about making tappan unlimited but don't think It went through
  5. Peidmont was SLOOWW this past weekend. Hot weather and cold fishing. One suageye, 3 bass, one crappie was all I caught. Thru them all back!