piedmont striped bass

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  1. caught a 13" striped bass saturday night. he hit a crank bait. i have a witness too.

  2. looked at a fish id chart a guy at the marina had. and compared the fish pictures back home on the odnr web site. a striper!
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    I would have to see the picture!!!!!!!!!!! I have fished that pond for 30+ years and have never seen one come out of there. Not saying you are wrong but if so he was a lonesome soul.
  4. b- line thought i had a white bass untill i saw the fish chart. odnr stocks stipers in a mwd lake south of piedmont. cant think of it now. go to the cabin at 4h and catch him.
  5. Its not that hard to believe. When people catch pirahna out of the Ohio River. But seriously the hybrid striper and the saugeye fingerlings come from the same hatchery. If you think about it , it should happen alot more. By the way cplcrappie, I was one of the 2 guys on your dock that showed you the fish poster. I'm the bald one
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    That is true about the stocking program. One does probaply sneak through once in a while. Oh well just some thing else to catch.
  7. floatin sometimes the world is really is small aint it? how can we get 100,000 stripers in there. seem to be enough bait fish to feed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'd rather fish for or catch Stripers than Muskies any day. Last month when I caught 2 Muskies in 1 day my boat stunk for 2 days. I didn't take my big net with me and the slime got on my carpet You ought to try to net a 34 inch Muskie in a small crappie net
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    Cplcrappie, it would be a great place to stock them, I think there are too many shad sometimes. Floatin, you are right about those stinkin muskies.