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  1. Fished Piedmont today. I am still cold. The water was about a foot high. Not bad clarity also. I fished all day. Had ice in rod guides. I fished for bass from the 4-h camp to the muddy end. Not a hit. Some guys said that they caught a couple bass. No eye reports. the water temp was 37 when I got there and found a couple of spots that hit the mid 40's. I tried tubes, jigs and twitched a jerk bait. Fished inside brush, cover and tried deep. Its just early.

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    on st rt 22 and sr 800 east of cambridge
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    There were quite a few boats out on the water Saturday. seems like everyone was beating the roadbed up. 1st fish was a carp then a small Saugeye. Then a descent eye of 21" and another dink. Then bam one of 19.5inches, then another dink. Wasn't as good as last year at this time, but for the 1st trip out this year it weren't bad. No skunk on our boat. Shouldn't be too long now. Water temp where we were at was 42.9 - 43. :)
  4. hey im thinking about planning a trip to piedmont sometime this summer. just wondering if i could get tips for maybe june walleyes. thanks!!!
  5. Lewis


    For June Saugeyes on Piedmont I would fish weed edges,pockets or hard bottom structure.
    Concentrate on 8-15 fow.
    Jigs cast into weed pockets or edges.Sometimes you have to rip the jigs through the weeds.
    Crankbaits in weed openings or on hard bottom structure.
    Trolling bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses is a good search method to cover water or work a particular piece of structure.
  6. thanks for the tip lewis ill try that
  7. chopper did you try a vibe ? all day has never worked well for me there short morning bite same in the eavening got there to late and went home to soon fished all day but missed both feeds . a vibe is a good bait there to at least catch something on caught eyes ,large and smallmouth and muskys on them on hard and soft water jigging and trolling casting love them vibes
  8. I have some vibes but just don't have the confidence to stay with them. I will have to try them some more. When are they best for eyes?
  9. I fish them a lot in the Fall after the turn-over. They work just as well in Spring when the water is still cold. I didnt have much confidence in them until a couple years ago. Took nothing with me but them. Once you catch a few on it,that is all it will take.
  10. It's easy to get discouraged learning to fish Vibees because #1. The hooks will hang up on the line when you dump too much slack, not to mention getting hung up on bottom occasionally. #2. Vibees usually work best when jigged vertically straight off the boat. It's hard for people who are used to casting to get confidence snapping some little piece of metal up and down a foot off bottom. Until your first Vibee catch, it just feels stupid and it doesn't feel like you're going to catch squat. #3. Even though some people slow troll them, they are typically not a search bait. Meaning your odds of heading to your favorite lake and expecting to drop one over the side anywhere and catch walleyes isn't very good. Vibees are great when eyes are clustered up in bunches in spring and fall but you have to first find the fish to appreciate how good they work. Some days I spend more time searching than fishing.
    If you fish for walleye/saugeye and you don't use Vibees, you are missing out on one of the most productive baits there are. So force yourself to hang in there with them until that first fish. Confidence will help you catch your second.